12 Helpful Apps for Family Travel

Family travel season will soon be upon us. Carting children on planes, trains and automobiles to visit places new and old will be part of the summer’s agenda. Before heading out, it’s common for parents to pack up their busy bags and load up devices with activities to keep children content during travel lulls. We’ve polled our Moms With Apps developers for apps that help with family travel. We hope this list provides you with tools to enjoy the journey!

My Little Suitcase – Let your youngest explorers pack for their trip and head out to discover new destinations. Whether it’s the snow, beach, camping or a sleepover, kids get to use their independence and imaginations for this virtual journey. Created by the parents and founders of My Busy Kit in hopes of making family travel more fun for everyone. Updated monthly at no additional charge to keep scenes fresh and exciting for the kids. Most suitable for ages 2 to 6.  $1.99 on iTunes.

A Day in Paris With Cassie– Get inspired for your next family vacation with StoryBoy’s travel series for kids! Join Cassie as she explores the city of lights and takes in famous sights like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Notre Dame Cathedral in A Day in Paris With Cassie. This book is a great way to introduce kids to a different city and culture. $.99 sale price on iTunes (until April 30th, then price reverts to $1.99)

Transportation storybooks by MobiStories– Whether you are traveling by ship, train, plane or bus, Mobistories has an activity for you! These interactive puzzle books are a steal at only $.99 each, and include bilingual text options, storytelling, and fabulous sound effects. They each include four interactive jigsaw puzzles on every page. Choose from the Plane Puzzle Book, Bus Puzzle Book, Train Puzzle Book, or Ship Puzzle Book. All available on iTunes for $.99 each.

Sunday Drive– The Sunday Drive app aims to create awareness and promote preservation by geotagging historically valuable and scenic routes throughout America. Although most routes currently exist in Southern California, freelance photographers, artists and locals in 10 other states have helped to contribute locations and routes for families and adventurers to enjoy. The app allows previews of each route listed by order of GPS location relevant to the phone. Previews include photo, text and video to offer a feel for each route. The developers at the Sunday Drive Network hope to become a tool for teachers to educate children about history, science and nature in the real environment using the app and immersive technology. $.99 on iTunes.

Tales2Go – Taking a road trip this summer? Listen to Tales2Go the whole way…hear over 1,000 great kids stories right from your iPhone. Perfect for kids ages 3 up to preteen, Tales2Gooffers entertainment while building vocabulary, enhancing listening skills and sparking their imaginations. It’s storytime, anytime, and so fun, your kids won’t want to leave the car. Free trial subscription available on iTunes.

Family Matters– Family matters is an interactive app with questions for families to ask and answer together. Designed by a family as a tool to bring families closer, it provides fun conversation starters when you are waiting at a restaurant, in a line, or enduring a long airplane journey or road trip. These insightful questions let kids giggle together, finding out things they never knew about their parents, and vice versa. This single tool is an excellent example of how technology can enhance interactivity, communication and relationships. Make your next trip more fun with Family Matters. $1.99 on iTunes.

iKidNYiKidNYis an app created for parents who live in or are traveling to New York City.  With iKidNY you can now find the closest subway stations with elevators, changing tables, kid-friendly restaurants, parks, playgrounds, indoor playspaces, museums, and much more, all with the touch of a button.  You can also search by interactive map of the five boroughs if you are traveling to another area of the city and would like to plan before you go.  iKidNY is really easy to use and provides information, maps, and directions at the touch of a button – us parents have no time to waste!  iKidNY is a locals guide to New York City with kids right in your pocket! $2.99 on iTunes.

BlueLeoGuideBlueleoGuideis an at-your-fingertips directory of every imaginable children’s resource in the five boroughs of NYC. Think Yelp, but organized for the needs and wants of parents. Blueleo features 6,000 resources across 15 categories, including things-to-do; kid-friendly restaurants; baby and kid stores; birthday party venues; pediatricians; childcare agencies; after school programs and mommy classes.  The app also includes a “Show Nearest” feature to help the user discover the resources that are geographically most convenient, and a map pops-up when the user clicks on a listing’s address link. There’s also an auto link to the phone number and the web address for every listing. Free on iTunes.

MomMaps – Mom Maps is a navigation app for parents, similar to the above, but covers 18 metropolitan areas across the U.S. It contains lists of Parks, Playgrounds, Restaurants, Museums and Indoor Play Areas and other children’s activities that are fun for kids. You can use the site to plan ahead for a trip to the amusement park and you can use the iPhone app when you get there to find nearby children’s playgrounds and family friendly restaurants on the go! Free on iTunes.

Oh, but that’s not all. There are MANY MORE APPS to enjoy. One of the greatest review sites, Best Kids Apps, houses an entire library of iPhone apps for kids to peruse before you take your next trip. So if this list only whetted your appetite, fret not. Head over to Best Kids Apps for more. The developers at Moms With Apps are participating in their blogging contest to win an Apple iPad. If you have a blog, and want to win an iPad, go check it out. Wishing you smooth and pleasant journeys this summer!

Planning for Summer Travel? Mom Maps Features Great Travel Blogs.

Our feature this week is from Jill Seman, creator of Mom Maps – a navigation app that helps families find kid-friendly spots on the go. Mom Maps supports over 18,000 family fun parks and activities in over 18 metro areas. By teaming up with mom experts and travel bloggers, Jill has fostered an entire community of mom-mappers!  Jump start your summer plans with this list of her favorite travel resources and inspirations (original article posted on the Mom Maps blog).

Planning a stay-cation or taking it on the road? Summer is just around the corner and Mom Maps has teamed up with Family Travel Forum and some great bloggers to share hundreds of tips and reviews to jumpstart your travel plans.

I have always loved to travel. Maybe it is all those road trips I took as a kid, but I just can’t wait to go off and explore. My travels have taken me to Borneo, Amazon, Japan, Indonesia, Belize, and all over Europe and the US. The places I have visited have given me a new appreciation for the world outside my door.

Now that I have two small children, my travels have taken me to less exotic locations but have presented some of the most exciting travel challenges yet:

  • How to find the nearest bathroom in the moments before the accident happens!
  • Getting to the nearest kid friendly restaurant or coffee shop before the kids get too hungry and pandemonium breaks out!
  • Finding the nearest park or playground – one with working swings – before the wiggles completely take over!

I began to think about how useful it would be to have some spots mapped out on my phone so I could find them when I am out and about. While building Mom Maps, I discovered a vibrant community of families who have traveled with children and lived to blog about it. These bloggers all are adventurous parents with advice about how to get around with kids. Here are some of my favorites:

Family Travel Forum: Family Travel Forum has served a global network of travelers with children since 1996. FTF brings print and online publications, trip-planning consultation and a vast library of destination research together for some of the most extensive coverage of family friendly destinations around the world. *Mom Maps is proud to announce that we now provide mobile access to Family Travel Forums incredible library of kid friendly activities! For the summer travel season, we logged over 500 locations with reviews from FTF in Mom Maps, so you can get the best access to family travel content from your iPhone. Mom-mapped spots include:

Seattle’s REI: “Kids climbing the walls? Scale a 65’ wall at REI on Yale Ave in Seattle.”
Orlando’s Dinosaur World “Little ones will feel like they’re walking through a prehistoric picture book at Orlando’s Dinosaur World.”
Las Vegas’ Liberace Museum “Take in the jeweled costumes of “Mr. Showmanship” himself at the Liberace Museum.”
Maui’s Surfing Goat Dairy “Eat cheese on Haleakala & feed the goats that made it possible.”
Monterey’s Seal Rock Center “Picnic with seals and otters at the Seal Rock Picnic Center.”

Kelly Tirman:Kelly Tirman is a San Francisco mom who is fond of eco friendly goods, public libraries and the new playgrounds in Mission district. Mom-mapped spots include:

Yoga Tree ” … official volunteer baby holders at every class to comfort any upset babies so mommies can easily focus on their practice…”
Bi-right Creamery “The best creamery in San Francisco partly due to their use of organic and local ingredients”
Giorgio’s “…They also provide balls of pizza dough for the kids to play with which helps keeps the kids entertained.”

Pit Stops for Kids:Amy Whitely has amassed an amazing array of kid friendly attractions along most major highways, hotels, and airports.  At Pitstops, you’ll find real parent reviews on all the road-side attractions, restaurants, motels, parks, and airport play spaces you’ll need along the way during your family vacation. Mom-mapped spots include:

Olympic Game Farm “The Olympic Game Farm is a great place to get face-to-face with a wide range of exotic animals…”
Tillamook Cheese Factory “You can take a self-guided tour of the production floor (viewed from above), then sample all the cheese you want (yes you read that right!)”
Umpqua Discovery Center “As you enter the exhibits, you hear the sounds of the river rushing and feel nature surround you”

See Jane Fly: See Jane Fly is a team of time-starved moms, travel junkies, twenty-something trendsetters, on-the-go executives, brides-to-be and seasoned solo travelers are devoted to simplifying travel for women everywhere. They have set out to become the concierge I always dreamed of, and they have gathered a network of travel experts and savvy insiders to help when it is most needed. Mom-mapped spots include:

Santa Monica Surf School “Get in the curl, and go surfing with these laid-back experts…”
Scribble Press “Great activities abound–make books, note cards, holiday cards and gifts with your kid’s art..”
Douglas Park“…duck ponds loaded with quackers who like to be fed and an amazing wet area with sprinklers..”

Travel Mamas: Colleen Lanin, the creator, is the head Travel Mama. She got her start by writing for Babytalk and San Diego Family, and became a regular contributor to 101 Things to do in San Diego.  Her site not only presents great family travel destinations, but it contains packing lists and invaluable travel tips like travel/parenting articles, resources, and websites. Mom-mapped spots include:

San Diego Zoo “This zoo is huge … so I provide the location of each recommended attraction in parentheses…”
San Diego’s Birch Aquarium “The aquarium offers a wonderful, low-key alternative to its famous competitor…”

Alisa Shtromberg: I met Alisa through her use of Mom Maps. Alisa hails from the southwest and she blogs about her adventures in Santa Fe and Albuquerque with her son. Mom-mapped spots include:

Rio Grande Zoo “a little oasis in the middle of the desert” (w/ice cream!)
Explore “Here kids can touch, play, and even try to break with just about every exhibit which include toys and science exhibits…”
Slate Street Cafe “My husband and I just discovered this little piece of heaven…”

A Little Yum: Little Yum is a food blog for Kid Food That Adults Will Love. This blog features two moms with a passion for cooking and eating & sharing fun food experiences with their kids in San Francisco. Mom-mapped spots include:

Let’s Be Frank (Marina): “We love their organic, grass-fed beef dogs! They make us (and our kids) want to do the hot dog dance!”
Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream (Mission): “An ever-changing menu of flavors appealing to both ice cream traditionalists (mint chip) and the more adventurous (Pistachio-Bacon!).”
Little Star Pizza (Nopa, Mission): “You can’t go wrong with the daily special which invariably features the tastiest of local, seasonal ingredients.”

Keeps Me Smiling: Lorraine Akemann is a fellow iPhone developer who lives in the Bay Area. She has two children about the same age as my kids and finds great local outdoor activities. She finds hikes and outdoor activities perfectly suited for both adults and young children. Mom-mapped spots include:

Hanauma Bay: “Famous snorkeling spot on Oahu. Amazingly beautiful but also very crowded…”
Kailua Beach Park: “Kids enjoyed mini body surfing in the little waves, and the white sandy beach…”

Mom Maps maps out locations from all the above bloggers and more. We’ve entered 19,000+ kid spots, plus reviews by parents for parents, to keep your family entertained all summer. Download the Mom Maps free iPhone app or visit our website to plan your itinerary ahead of time. During the week of April 26th we’re giving away a $50 Amazon gift card. To enter, just add a review for some of your favorite kid friendly places. YOU can be a mom-mapper too!

App Friday: Arithmaroo

Welcome to App Friday, our weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps. Today we are featuring a counting app from Arithmaroo. Creators Lynn and Molly Rasmussen, a mother-daughter team based in Maui and Los Angeles, work together on this series of inspiring and educational math apps for kids. Want to get your little kangaroos excited about math? Then c’mon – let’s go counting with Arithmaroo!

What is the app about? Arithmaroo Counting so simple that it’s genius. At first kids count how many rocks and how many hands and fingers. Then they discover that seeing patterns is easier and faster. They start with 1 to 5 and work up to seeing 50 on the screen. Even adults feel the brain workout!

Why is it special? Watch the “ahas” kick in. Arithmaroo is a right brain approach that fills in the missing steps to mastering addition and multiplication. Kids start to add and multiply without even knowing that’s what they’re doing. Arithmaroo develops number sense, that all-important “feel” for numbers that is found in every state’s math standards. The soon-to-be-released Arithmaroo series–adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing–will prevent the “bad at math” syndrome that haunts too many smart, capable people.

What in it for me? ZERO! That’s right! DOWNLOAD ARITHMAROO FOR FREE this App Friday. No counting required, until you download the app, of course!

Related Apps? Interested in math? Check out this feature Lynn wrote earlier in the week, highlighting some of the terrific kids math apps we have from developers in Moms With Apps.

App Friday Link Exchange Our goal at Moms With Apps is to spread the word about family-friendly apps. Do YOU have a favorite app to share? One about math, or just one your kids enjoy? Then please post your favorite apps in the comments down below. The more great apps for kids and families – the better!

8 Great Apps for Earth Day

The developers at Moms With Apps went digging into their inventories to unearth a selection of apps for Earth Day. Fill your iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches with these nature themed apps developed by parents.

1. Erica Knows Green, by StoryBoy [FREE for Earth Day!]

2. Learning Colors With Fruits, by Once Upon an App

3. Learning Colors With Vegatables, by Once Upon an App

4. Cucumber Soup, by PicPocket Books

5. Then it Rained, by PicPocket Books

6. Eric and the Enchanted Leaf, by PicPocketBooks

7. iLiveMath Animals of Africa, by iHomeEducator

8. iLiveMath Animals of Asia, by iHome Educator

Can you think of any more? We’d love to hear about them – please leave a comment!

5 Cool Ways to Learn Math with Apps

Our feature this week is from Lynn Rasmussen, creator of Arithmaroo – a math counting game focused on number patterns and relationships. The Arithmaroo team is working on an entire series of educational math apps that engage the user to explore and experience numbers.  Today Lynn highlights the many different ways math is being presented with mobile apps, which makes it an exciting time for students and educators.

Many of us were taught math in classrooms. Everyone was given the same worksheets, drills, homework, and tests at the same time. If you didn’t get it, the class kept going.  Too many of us were either “bad at math” or bored.  Apps offer a solution. They are personal, interactive, and provide instant feedback. Most of all, they are fun.

Here are five ways that Moms With Apps developers apply math to apps:

  1. Apps offer a beautiful introduction to math for little ones.  TickleTapApps’ Counting Caddy is a simple, fun counting game. With their Pattern Painter preschoolers learn to identify shapes and then they learn to draw shapes.
  2. App games are great for practice and assessment. Kids can start at their own levels. Incorrect answers are challenges, not failures. The KidsMathFun series  separates math operations by grade level and replaces grades with wins. They even have an app for Telling Time!
  3. Some apps are real tools that can be applied in fun ways.  Using Percentally kids can tally basketball stats or tally how many times someone says thank you, and then see how tallies convert to percents.
  4. Apps bring math alive. The iLiveMath series is not only graphically beautiful, but their app design and navigation is fascinating. Word problems with gorgeous photos are way more fun than standard worksheets.
  5. Apps offer diverse learning experiences.  Using a “right brain” approach, the Arithmaroo series replaces rote memory methods with increasingly complicated rock and hand patterns, all presented as games.

Apps offer powerful new ways to teach and to learn. We developers are just beginning to explore the possibilities!

App Friday: iKidNY

Welcome to App Friday, our weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps. Today we are featuring iKidNY which helps parents navigate New York City with kids. Great apps come from great moms, and creator Lara Serebrier Paul is indeed one of those. Lara is a Harlem resident and native New Yorker who wanted an easier solution for finding kid-friendly spaces in the Big City. As an extra bonus, the children’s storybook A Day in New York City with Noah will be offered alongside iKidNY for our FREE #appfriday promotion.

What is the app about?
Developed for New York City moms and dads on the move, iKidNY is an app that helps you find kid-friendly locations while out and about. It includes parks, playgrounds, changing tables, indoor playspaces, museums, libraries, subway stations with elevators, kid-friendly restaurants, and more. One click on the iKidNY guide will bring you information and directions to your nearest sanity-saving location. Got kids? Headed to NYC? Consider this app a no-brainer.

Why is it special?
It’s developed by a Mom who knows the true definition of kid-friendly. So yes, changing table locations, and subways with elevators (to accommodate strollers) are key features. In addition, the app has one touch navigation, interactive neighborhood maps, auto-connections to phone numbers and websites, and the ability to customize the app by plotting your favorite locations.

What’s in it for me?
FREE, FREE, and more FREE! For April 16th’s #appfriday, you can DOWNLOAD IKIDNY FOR FREE from the iTunes App Store. If you live in NYC, or if you are thinking about traveling there, or if you are a wannabe like so many of us are – then don’t hold back! Go download! But it gets even better…read on…

Related Apps
To accompany iKidNY, StoryBoy spoke up and is offering a New York City themed storybook app for FREE as well! DOWNLOAD A DAY IN NEW YORK CITY WITH NOAH today too! And, don’t forget their other NYC app, A DAY IN NEW YORK CITY WITH KIDS, which is FREE anytime!

App Friday Link Exchange
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The Coolest NYC Based iPhone Apps

Our feature this week is from Lara Paul, creator of iKidNY – an incredible app for finding kid-friendly spots in New York City. Lara is a Harlem resident and native New Yorker who is making a difference for New York City moms on the go. Check out her insights on top apps for NYC – you’ll be amazed at what you find!

New York has a lot of cool things going for it, one of which is now a great selection of iPhone apps. These apps will change your life by saving you valuable time and money, and even provide you with a little fun along the way. In the past, I have written about my staple iPhone apps but today I’m excited to focus on The Big Apple.

Here are my top 10 favorite NYC iPhone apps (in no particular order):

Exit Strategy
This NYC-based app tells you where to stand on the subway platform to shave minutes off your subway trip. It also tells you which subway exits are the closest so you can get out of the subway the fastest. New Yorkers have no time to waste!

SOHO In My Pocket
SOHO In My Pocket tells you what’s around you in Soho and how to get there. Soho is one of NYC’s best neighborhoods and it is jam packed with stores, restaurants, hotels, art galleries, attractions, and more. This great locals and visitors guide also offers deals and discounts at some great NYC locations.

Dinosaurs: The American Museum of Natural History Collections – This is a phenomenal app if you are traveling to NYC with kids or if you are just really into dinosaurs. If it’s the former, you can visit The American Museum of Natural History and use this iPhone app as your guide through the dinosaurs. Your kids can even use it when they get home to explore the dino’s even more, or to re-live their great NYC experience.

Hop Stop
Gives you directions or a subway route from point A to point B. With Hop Stop you can chose your method of transportation – subway, bus, taxi, walking, or just the fastest route, and Hop Stop will tell you exactly how long it will take and how to get there. A true staple for New Yorkers and tourists.

Menu Pages
It’s no secret that New Yorkers love to eat. Can you blame them? We have some of the best restaurants in the world here on our little island. Menu Pages is a comprehensive collection of NYC restaurant menus. Definitely a go-to when finding a place to eat.

Cab Sense
Believe it or not, hailing a cab in New York ain’t always easy. Cab Sense helps out by using historical data and prediction math to figure out the best corner to hail from, and when to do so. Seriously, how did we ever live without things like this?

Up Next NYC
An interactive 3D map of Manhattan where users can view restaurants, nightlife, and shops. Users can tap a building to see all the businesses inside, or on a subway station to see all the trains passing through. It’s a great travel tool for locals or anyone visiting for the weekend.

Time Out New York
This iPhone app is great for residents or tourists. It provides ideas of thing to do, places to see and eat by neighborhood in NYC. It highlights all the standards and features some great spots that are off the beaten path.

Fresh Direct
This app allows you to order groceries to be delivered straight to your home from your mobile phone. It saves your previous grocery lists and even syncs with your online orders. No more wasting time in the supermarket! This is a lifesaver app for busy New Yorkers.

Last but not least, I have to include iKidNY. If you live in, or are traveling to NYC with kids, it’s a must have. It tells you how to find the closest parks, playgrounds, museums, indoor playspaces, kid friendly restaurants, changing tables, subway stations with elevators, and much more.

App Friday: Artikpix & Percentally

Welcome to App Friday, our weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps. Today we are featuring two apps: ArtikPix and Percentally. These apps were developed by Eric Sailers and Jason Rinn in efforts to help students and educators tackle speech delays. Their innovations do more than assist speech & language, but also function as tools that chart a course for how mobile devices are used in education.

What is ArtikPix about?
ArtikPix is an articulation app for the iPad that has flashcard and matching activities for children with speech sound delays. The free app comes with “th” cards and an easy matching level, but in-app purchases enable the possibility of 14 decks (th, f, v, ch, sh, k, g, s, z, l, r, s-blends, l-blends, and r-blends) with 40 cards each (560 cards total), and three matching levels. In ArtikPix, children tap and flick cards to practice their sounds in fun activities, as data is collected, saved, and shared to email, clipboard, or Google Spreadsheet.

Why is it special?
ArtikPix is a fun, child friendly app that makes traditional articulation drills more enjoyable. Children have a great time flicking through the flashcards, and playing the matching activity. Compared to a traditional deck of speech cards, ArtikPix offers a variety of features including voice recording, auditory prompting, and data collection for saving and exporting. Additionally, the portability of ArtikPix makes it an easy tool for parents to use at home with their children and for children to practice independently.

What is Percentally about?
Percentally is a tally counter for collecting data with notes that share easily to email, clipboard, or Google Spreadsheet. Use it to keep single tally and percentage based data for tracking progress on goals (e.g., special education goals). Adults and children can track progress by the tap of a finger in tallies customizable for color.

Why is it special?
Time is of the essence for everyone. Percentally is a time saver because it is an easy-to-use tool that makes a multi-step process simple. It enables you to collect and organize tallies in an efficient manner and easily copy the data. Initially developed for educators, it also has uses for athletics, nutrition, motivation, counting, or any area where someone is interested in tracking progress.

What’s in it for me?
FREE, that’s what! DOWNLOAD ARTIKPIX from the App Store FREE, this Friday. Next, DOWNLOAD PERCENTALLY from the App Store FREE, this Friday. If you are a parent with an iPad, ArtikPix should be a no-brainer. If you are a person who needs to track progress on specific goals, then go grab a copy of Percentally!

App Friday Link Exchange
Do you have a family-friendly app to share, either a personal favorite or one you developed yourself? Please, post it in the link below! This way, visitors can see a variety of apps for kids and families. Include your name (with app name) in the Link Title, your email, and a URL to the app. Once you submit this in the Simply Linked form, it shows up just like example #1 in the link below. Thank you for your participation!

Presenting iPod touch Sessions: Tips, Tricks, and Tools

Our feature this week is from Eric Sailers, a speech-language pathologist and assistive technology specialist who co-creates mobile apps with Jason Rinn at RinnApps. Eric enjoys sharing his passion of the iPod touch for children with special needs. His apps include Percentally (a data collection tool for educators) and ArtikPix (an articulation app for children with speech sound delays on the iPad). Eric has recently presented at two major conferences on the topic of the iPod touch for students with special needs, which is the focus of this article.

I presented iPod touch sessions at the CUE and CSUN Conferences covering the topic of the iPod touch for students with special needs. In this posting, I’d like to share tips, tricks, and tools from my experience. Presenting the iPod touch at conferences is not just about speaking to an audience for an hour, but also involves giving justice to a device with extraordinary software.

The Preparation Includes:

• Procuring the iPods and downloading appropriate apps
• Creating a concept and outline (mine was specifically on the iPod Touch as a learning tool and the SETT framework)
• Building a slideshow (I used ideas by Carmine Gallo, who has great resources for presenting like Steve Jobs in this video and slideshow)
• Making Slides Look Professional with Keynote on my MacBook Pro 13”
• Rehearsals and feedback from colleagues
• Equipment: projector cable with mini-VGA Adapter, iPevo Point 2 View camera , iHome speakers (for rooms without a sound system), iPod touch Thumbtacks mic , and earphones with microphone *Note: Amazon offers low-cost earphones with microphone.
• Handouts and tutorials to accommodate the room capacities for my sessions (see example).

iPod touch Apps & Accessories

The Presentation

I set up the iPevo Point 2 View camera so the iPod touch had high resolution at a sufficient size. I began by zooming 1.25x with continuous focus, then I switched to single focus after the iPod touch screen was focused. The result was a stable image in focus. The camera image ran in the background, while my Keynote slide show ran full-screen.

Handouts were distributed for the presentation and lab sessions. In the case of labs, the participants also received earphones with microphone, and iPods in exchange for a picture ID. At the end of the labs, the participants returned iPods to retrieve their IDs. My co-presenters helped with distributing iPods, in addition to presenting slides and demoing apps.

During the slide shows, I intermittently hid Keynote to demo apps with the Point 2 View camera, then I returned to Keynote. The trick here is command H to hide Keynote, then run Point 2 View camera in full-screen mode. When completed with the demo, press the esc key, then return to Keynote via command tab.

Prior to demonstrating with the camera, I presented slides comprising screenshots and details regarding the apps. I highlighted standard Apple features that appear in many apps, and features unique to given apps. Additionally, the apps were presented in relation to categories (e.g., communication, organization, reading, etc.) that I determined, so the presentation didn’t appear as a hodgepodge of apps.

Then, using the camera, I showed a couple iPod touch tricks, such as using the search for locating apps, and pushing the home button for accessing the 1st page with settings. I also mentioned more tricks can be learned at Tony Vincent’s Learning in Hand site.

After that, I demonstrated apps that coincided with the categories in my slides (e.g., Proloquo2Go, Percentally, Cat in the Hat). I tried my best to show as many features as possible in 1-3 min. demos per app. Included in the demos were selecting options and settings for apps because those features are often overlooked by users. At the end of the sessions, if they wanted to know about more apps, they could access my list.

As you probably noticed, I spent much more time preparing than presenting. I needed the prep time to carefully think through the details of my sessions. The result was more professional looking and useful information for participants. Plus, it made me feel much more comfortable when speaking. Public speaking has its challenges, but sufficient preparation makes it a whole lot easier. In the end, it enables me to do something I truly enjoy: share with others.

App Friday: Round is a Mooncake

Welcome to App Friday, our weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps. Today we are featuring Round is a Mooncake, a children’s picture book brought to the iPhone and iPod Touch by PicPocket Books. The PicPocket Books Apps range from board book style books to concept books, easy readers, fairy tales and more.

What is the book about?
Round Is A Mooncake, A Book of Shapes, explores the shapes of Asian and universal objects in a young girls’ urban neighborhood. The Mooncake app retains the charm and simplicity of the print version while introducing interactive features on the mobile digital platform. Touch the mouse, cat, crickets, abacus and more to find all the hidden sounds in the app.

Why is it special?
Originally published by Chronicle Books, an independent publisher of distinctive books, Round Is A Mooncake, A Book of Shapes, is a multi-cultural gem of a book. Bright, whimsical art accompanies narrative rhyme and a short glossary adds cultural significance to the objects featured in the book. The author, Roseanne Thong, and the illustrator, Grace Lin (2010 Newbery Honor recipient), have both won numerous awards for their work.

What’s in it for me?
PicPocket Books is offering FREE DOWNLOADS FROM THE APP STORE ON FRIDAY, APRIL 2ND of Round is a Mooncake. This is the perfect time to add a bright new title to your virtual library!

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