The Moms With Apps “App Catalog”

Our first collective effort to organize family-friendly apps throughout our membership is available on the iTunes App Store, for FREE. The Moms With Apps APP is a catalog to help parents browse apps by educational category. Looking for math, spelling, or science apps? Now you can see these choices organized in a bright display on your iPhone or iPad.

The Moms With App mobile app is a tool to help parents find apps sorted by specific educational categories. It was developed by Andrew at BabyBinks, and represents over 2,500 apps throughout the Moms With Apps membership. Features include easier app discovery, adding apps to your wishlist, browsing by new release, and sharing great finds with friends.

We think it’s the first tool of its kind to give an organized voice for family-friendly apps.

App Categories Include:

  • Art
  • Creative Play
  • Early Learning
  • Environment
  • Foreign Language
  • Games
  • Geography
  • Math
  • Music
  • Parents
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Special Needs

Download for FREE on iTunes!

24 Replies to “The Moms With Apps “App Catalog””

  1. I was just wondering how to delete items from the wishlist. I have purchased some of the items and have changed my mind on others. How do I remove them. Thank you for your time.

  2. Thanks for the notification Loralee, I’ve check with Andrew and he’s amending the wishlist to be revised in the next update of the app. –Lorraine

  3. Hi!
    Great list! We just joined the forum and our first post (Product announcement) is up as of yesterday. Just wondering when our name (KidsAndBeyond) will appear in the list. Looking forward to being part of this community! Thanks for this initiative!

  4. Hi Everyone!
    I just joined the MWA community and would love to introduce myself and say a bit about what my family and I do. About a year and a half ago we noticed that family entertainment during the holidays was either really boring and one dimensional, or unnecessarily expensive. So, to fix that, we created a website the whole family can enjoy together, ClausKids has original games, music, and a playable adventure that lets you explore the North Pole while saving Christmas for everyone! We are always growing and adding new things to do and experience. So far we have two apps, a clothing line featuring our characters, and four activity books (
    We just released our second app, “Don’t Wake Up Grumpy,” and can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks. We are always trying to improve what we do, and MWA is the perfect place to learn. Thanks for all that you do!

  5. Do you have this available for the ipad? I downloaded it from itunes but only found the iphone version. I’m not fond of using iphone sized apps on an ipad if I can avoid it.
    Thanks! You guys are great!

  6. Hi, I was just wondering, if dads can participate too?

    I’m a dad of a two-year-old boy, and I wanted to make him an app that’s not based on violence, pranks or excessive competitiveness like lots of stuff out there, but simply making him feel good about himself.

    So I studied iOS development and created Sweetest Kid –

    It seems your site shares similar ideology on app development, and so I’d be more than happy to participate in your group.

  7. Hi Everyone,

    Recently joined Moms With Apps (as a Dad!). My son, Andy, and I collaborated with children’s book illustrator, Yoko Tanaka, to create The Nutcracker Musical Storybook.

    iTunes link:

    It was a grueling but fulfilling adventure that certainly strengthened our father-son relationship. I feel we have a renewed respect for each other and I have to say that there was little to no tension working together.

    We are very happy with the final product and now are doing all the grunt work of marketing and getting the word out. When I get some extra free time I’ll try to post a blog about the entire process.

    Love this website – gave us some great tips and ideas. Keep up the good work!

  8. Hello Moms (and Dads) With Apps!
    My name is Jamie Hession. I am a Bay Area Designer Mom turned App Developer. I am trying to carve out every morsel of downtime to learn everything there is to know about the making and marketing of apps. My first app Gingham Games
    has been out since May and have my second app is “in review ” with iTunes currently. Am anxiously awaiting sale status, as this is a Christmas app! Anyway, Moms With Apps is so eye-opening. Thank you so much for putting this resource together. I look forward to participating! Best, Jamie Hession

  9. Good morning MWA! I’m so pleased to have found a community that’s supportive AND producing high quality educational apps. The timing for discovering could not have been better!

    We are putting the finishing touches on our English \ Spanish game for the iPad named Bilingual Child. We are looking for some beta testers with iPads and children ages 1 – 4 to offer some feedback before we submit the app next Friday. Is there a specific section of the MWA site to find pre-release testers? We have also applied to the forum, but have yet to receive a response. Hopefully soon!

    I can also be reached by e-mail,

    Have a great weekend!

  10. We’d love to see QuestionIt appear in the special education or education category you have. QuestionIt is designed to teach kids with autism and other significant language disorders how to answer different types of Wh – questions. It was designed by a speech-language pathologist with 40 years’ experience working with kids with autism.

  11. I want to introduce a new iPad educational app called “Plants HD”.

    Plants HD delivers high-quality interactive content about plants and their lifecycle. The app provides an in-depth look into topics such as seeds, germination, pollination, flowers, trees, fruits, and dispersal.

    Plants HD is an audio-visual exploration that is designed to be fun and entertaining for all ages. You can flip through curated HD photos on the various plant topics, scroll through content or have it read to you, listen to relaxing music, and test your knowledge by taking the quiz. The Did You Know section features interesting facts like – A strawberry is not a berry and a banana is a berry!

    An engaging, fun and information packed app called “Plants HD” is available at

  12. I have just released an app, Count On It Apps, that was developed collaboratively. I am a teacher of math methods at a local university (teacher education). I engaged in a research project to determine the significance of the relationship between lagging subitizing skills and the deficiency that some students experience with basic math skills. The literature and my research indicate there is a significant relationship. The app uses a patterned abacus to help students build visualization skills in the context of 1, 10, and 100…benchmark numbers of our counting system. If you would like to learn more, visit or

  13. Hi there, I went to register & it sounds like in the description, that membership is for app. developers only. Is that true or can anyone join. I have a son w/severe Autism and we recently purchased an iPad after reading how much it has helped other kids with ASD. Now I’m looking for apps. I’m not computer savvy in the least, so developing anything is far beyond my ability 🙂

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