Apps for Parents

These family-friendly utility apps for grown-ups were created by the developers at Moms With Apps.

A Family Matters (conversational travel app)

BabyBump (pregnancy tracker)

Bean Jar Kids (“on the go” behavior system, positive reinforcement)

Chore Pad HD for iPad and Chore Pad for iPhone by Nannek

Chow & Chatter (Recipes)

Cook IT Allergy Free (Recipes for people with food allergies)

First Time Triathlon and Triathlon Trainer (fitness)

HomeRoutines (Household productivity)

iPhone Birth Announcements by Dawn Kempf

iReward Chart (behavior chart)

Kidopolis (playdate scheduler)

Mama Mantras (sanity saver!)

Mobicip (safe browser)

Mom Maps (find kid-friendly spots on the go)

Photo Captions Premium (customize your photos with text and designs)

Serving Sizer Pro (Recipe converter and cookbook)

Trip Boss Travel Manager (travel expenses and budget tracking)

Additional Resources for Parents:

No More Meltdowns (find triggers of meltdowns and prevention plans)

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  2. There are just A LOT of wonderful apps up in the Store! Thank you for the lists! I have installed some of it already. And another great FREE app for moms is Intuition ( aka “Mom’s Personal Assistant”. It is a very efficient task management tool doing email reminder, location alert, delegates task to family members via FB, and has grocery listing as well.

  3. I am in the process of creating a guide called “Best iPhone Apps for Moms” and have already included a few that are listed above such as Mom Maps, and iRewards. I’ll need to check out the others and think about adding some of them. I’ve also included some of the “heavy hitters” like Evernote & WebMD. Feel free to check out my guide, suggest others to add or vote on what I already have here. Thx!

    Best iPhone Apps for Moms

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