Apps for Learning

These educational apps were created by the developers at Moms With Apps.

Balloony Word


Fish School

Fraction Math

Homework for iPhone

iLearn Solar System 

iLiveMath Oceans 

iLive Grammar Botany

Interactive Alphabet

iTouchiLearn Words

It’s Learning Time

Just Fractions!

Kids Coin Fun

Kids Math Fun


Long Division

Math Girl Number Garden

Monte-Lingual 1 to 10 

Montessori Crosswords


Numerate: Count Add Subtract

Park Math HD

Peekaboo Forest

Preschool Counting with Bear & Duck

Princess Pony – Matching Memory Pairs

Read&Write: Letters, Sounds & Combinations

Rocket Math

Star Walk

Tam & Tao in Numberland 

The Strange and Wonderful World of Ants

Who Am I? Race Awareness Project

18 Replies to “Apps for Learning”

  1. It is great that you list these apps as good ones that you recommend, but there aren’t any reviews on your site as to why they are good apps, or for what age groups you are suggesting, as well as any other details. I have to go to the iTunes page to look at the reviews there, which can often be misleading, so I would love it if you would give us a little more than just a list, as to why you are suggesting these and any info that can help us make good decisions as there are thousands and thousands of apps out there that are good for learning, reading, etc…. What do you think?

  2. Hi Ricardo! Work in progress. Given we are parent developers and the site is volunteer based, it’s just an issue of finding the time to expand the definitions. It is a goal and thank you for bringing it up.

  3. Could you also please state who would specifically be best suited to which apps?My son has autism and has some language now, but i wish to build upon his reading and responses so would like to know which would be better used in say a school setting for lessons and then those we could have not as structured for say at home with his siblings.He is very good with visuals so although i can’t afford an Ipad i do have the Itouch so could you also please clearly list which apps are suitable for which device.Happy to find your apps are affordable by the way.Thanks.(Bookmarked your page too).

  4. Hello.
    You have a wonderful web site. We are a new developer of reading and math apps for Grades 3 to 8. How can we get involved in joining momwithapps?

  5. The Apps are coming in so fast and the market is incredibly vast. I couldn’t wait until my App showed up on the Apple market so I could join this site…seriously! I have been shopping forums for months searching for a class act with brains and compassion. This is the place.

    Perhaps the need for reviews of educational Apps will bring about the new Consumer Report of Apps! I’m interested! Great job on putting this together!

  6. Thanks for this useful site. I’ve been trying to put together lists of useful educational apps too, including descriptions as to why I think they’re good – and it’s extremely time-consuming!

  7. Hi!

    I came across your site and I am very much interested in what you are promoting here. I would like to respectfully ask if there is anyway that you can feature our Apps for special needs children? Our company is affiliated with Step By Step Academy and our iPhone/iTouch App is fully based on Applied Behavior Analysis principles. I believe that we can help a lot of parents with our Communicating Basic Needs App.

    Hoping for your kind response.


    Cherry Cleary

  8. Hi, please check out my website I have developed an app with my three sons ages 8, 11 & 13 who all love maths and playing cards. I home schooled with my wife and used to start their maths lesson with a card game which they loved. I realized through fun, stimulation and lots of challenges their math skills improved immensely. The app gives rewards through multiplication, subtraction, division and adding the player wins coins which they can then buy virtual gifts and send messages. The biggest plus, especially as a parent, is there are no pop up ads or no in app purchases, so completely child friendly.

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