This page highlights some of the people and organizations who spend time interacting with developers. Their efforts provide opportunities for family-friendly apps in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Thank you!

All Around Great Folks

ACT – for providing updates from the FTC about children’s online privacy policy

Anlock Apps – for getting the App Friday Facebook Page up and running

Bright Start Apps – for MWA Workshop coordination and ongoing involvement in MWA initiatives

Creativity Inc. – for hosting the Silicon Valley Apps for Kids Meetup that many MWAers attend

Family Matters – for the “parents with apps” forum! – Co-Founder’s Marketing Company that promotes the MWA community whenever possible

GoGoMongo – for MWA Workshop coordination and continued local support

Jellybean Tunes – for compiling the weekly “App Reports” of new releases from our community

Kid-Capsule – for being the guru of group promotions and collaborative marketing!

Kidoodle Apps – for helping with various graphic design projects on behalf of MWA.

Learn With Fun Apps – for updating our YouTube channel

Melissa Northway – for her stellar role as a party host during social media events

Operatio Apps – for graphic design assistance

PicPocketBooks – co-founder and conference speaker extraordinaire

SoGaBee Labs – for consistent teamwork and for spotlighting developers during App Friday

Treasure Kai – storybook app developer and author based in Australia who leads our “Down Under App Friday Kickoffs!”


Apps for Homeschooling – for jumping into the forums with feedback and encouragement for the developers

Beijing Kids – Christopher Lay – for your consistent coverage of apps in our community

Best Apps for Kids – for reviews, and ideas to stir things up

Best Kids Apps – top-notch app review site

Crazy Mike’s Apps – a veteran app reviewer who works tirelessly to support app developers.

Digital Storytime – for providing such extensive resources for all things “book” and “app”

Fun Educational Apps – for being a consistent volunteer, reviewer, and class act for our group

Muslim Oasis – for focusing on app reviews from a Muslim family perspective

Tech in Special Ed – for jumping into the community with both feet, and offering meaningful feedback to developers

The iMum – for speading the news of family-friendly apps to Mums across the ponds

The iPhoneMom – for her professional, consistent and impactful reviews of family-friendly apps

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  1. Hello

    I submitted a new app listing that showed up at #70 for Dance family Magazine but the link did break. the link to the app should be:

    Also, since posting on your site about an hour ago I picked up a number of new facebook likes which I assume would be attributed to you. If that is the case I would like to show some form of reciprocation and thanks. Is there some comment or icon I can post about your site. Maybe when I begin issue #2 next month we can discuss some way to get you editorially in my magazine.

    Tom Mody

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