App Friday October 13th, 2017

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Listen to classic children’s songs with Animal Band, join the singing competition with Stage Fright, take care of your teeth with Pearl E. White, and explore and learn with the Care Bears. Plus, more on Drawp’s ELL tools, and a giant hexagon on Saturn.

Garry Froehlich
Jellybean Tunes

Stage Fright – The Monster Singing Competition
by Nerd Communications

New! Stage Fright is a unique app for kids age 2 to 6. The interactive monster talent show combines clever play effects, good music and delightful monsters. It includes 11 exclusive songs, which are also available as a music album on iTunes.

Stage Fright
Stage Fright
Price: $0.99+

Animal Band
by Touch Press Inc.

Version 2.0. Animal Band is a fun and easy music app that encourages young children to explore music while listening to their favorite tunes. They’ll love creating their own musical arrangements: tapping and swiping on characters to make them play instruments, spin around, or go to sleep. Animal Band is designed for preschoolers and music lovers of all ages! A new update includes new (and popular) songs such as; “I’m a Little Teapot” and “Happy and You Know It”. Little fingers will also love discovering new musically themed interactions as they explore the world of Animal Band. There are also some seasonal surprises lined up for the coming months with additional songs and festive cheers, so stay tuned!

Pearl E. White Virtual Tooth
by Augusta University

Free! Join Alex and Sara as they introduce you to Pearl E. White, your virtual tooth! Together they will show you how much fun learning about proper dental care can be. Brush Pearl! Floss Pearl! Play games with Pearl!

Care Bears & Amigos in NYC
by Bilingual Children’s Enterprises Inc.

New! Visit the Zoo to learn about the names and sounds of animals. Visit the Statue of Liberty to learn about geometric shapes. Ride the subway to learn about numbers, telling time, and the difference between more and less. Visit Washington Heights to learn the alphabet and the sounds of the letters. Visit Care-a-lot to learn how the Care Bears are feeling.

Fiete Cars
by Ahoiii Entertainment

Note: In-App Purchase for the full version on sale for $0.99 (U.S. Dollars)

Fiete Cars lets children become the creators of their very own game. With straight, curvy or broken road-parts and special effects like fart pads, speed ramps or porcelain the kids can create and tune creative racing routes. They will experience one adventure after the other when they try all the different vehicles, e.g. an old-timer, a tractor, a digger, a motorbike, a monster truck or even a cute horse.

Fiete Cars
Fiete Cars
Price: Free+

Students Show Gains With Drawp’s NSF-Funded Language Transfer Tool

“Moondrop researched and developed a web-based solution for ELL instruction for non-native speakers using  LACOE’s scaffolding tool and Drawp’s digital platform as building blocks. Our solution is not tied to any set curriculum, allowing its universal use in any classroom, not just English Language Development (ELD). It is innovative because it is the first tool to leverage native language literacy and the first to be curriculum-independent. It is integrated into the Drawp for School platform.”

Note that Julie Brannon, our social media specialist, is associated with Drawp for School. See more at the Drawp for School Blog.

One Huge Hexagon

“Saturn’s cloud belts generally move around the planet in a circular path, but one feature is slightly different. The planet’s wandering, hexagon-shaped polar jet stream breaks the mold — a reminder that surprises lurk everywhere in the solar system.” See the image at NASA.

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