App Friday October 6th, 2017

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Play a trivia quiz game with Fiete, put together Halloween themed puzzles in the update from Highlights (is it really October already?), grow greenhouse plants with Mobo, and sharpen your math and logic skills with Smart Buddy. Plus, helping kids cope with disaster, and ghostly giraffes.

Garry Froehlich 
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Fiete Quiztime
by Ahoiii Entertainment

In this fun and educational trivia quiz, parents and children ages 4 and up can work together or on their own to answer hundreds of exciting questions made especially for kids.

Fiete Quiztime
Fiete Quiztime
Price: Free+

Highlights Puzzle Town
by Colto

Highlights Puzzle Town has been updated to a brand new Halloween version for the month of October. It includes 5 new free puzzles, and new food to feed the pudges, all Halloween themed.

Mobo Greenhouse Garden
by Mobo Kids

We need your help to take care of our garden. There are many different seeds to plant and your little animal friends are hungry. We decided to put them on a healthy diet, so plant some cucumbers, pumpkins, carrots, and many more.

Mobo Greenhouse Garden
Mobo Greenhouse Garden
Developer: Mobo Kids
Price: $1.99

Smarty Buddy
by Smarty Buddy LLC

SmartyBuddy is an educational math and logic game geared toward getting kids (pre-K – 5) ready for gifted and talented tests, school entrance tests and/or qualifying tests such as InView, SCAT, COGAT, etc. Perfect for homeschool math study and testing with mom and dad! The game features 3 grade levels, 5 test topics, and 3 levels of difficulty. With over 670 questions to play, this fun game can complement or replace any worksheet test preparation.

Smarty Buddy
Smarty Buddy
Developer: Smarty Buddy LLC
Price: $9.99

Coping with Disaster

“Disasters can leave children feeling frightened, confused, and insecure. Whether a child has personally experienced trauma, has merely seen the event on television, or has heard it discussed by adults, it is important for parents and teachers to be informed and ready to help if reactions to stress begin to occur.” See more at FEMA.

Ghostly Giraffes

“Unlike albinism, leicism inhibits skin cells from producing pigment, but other parts of their body can be dark colored.” Video courtesy of National Geographic.

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