App Friday September 15th, 2017

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Find kids safe podcasts with Leela Kids, follow the adventures of Lola Slug at the Exhibition, and discover an Ocean Bakery. Mix the real and digital worlds with kits from Get Qurious now 25% off from their web site. Plus, math apps that cover the school year, and apps to download before a flight.

Garry Froehlich 
Jellybean Tunes

Leela Kids: Podcasts & Stories for 3-18 year olds
by Leela Labs

Use Leela Kids instead to have your kid hear the best content on topics they care about. We have done the hard work of collecting best episodes from different podcasts based on your kids age group and topics of interest (Stories, Science, Space, Curious, Dinosaurs, Ocean, Music & Animals). Just click & listen! As easy as that!

Lola Slug at the Exhibition
by Giulia Olivares

Lola is adorable! Her smart and beautiful story app is as fun as a video game and as educational as a book. Its graphics have been optimised to make it easier for children to read. With just a simple touch, you can choose between uppercase and lowercase text, and listen to the story, or just read it alone with the aid of special rulers.

Lola Slug at the Exhibition
Lola Slug at the Exhibition

Ocean Bakery
by EREO Creatives

In the exquisitely illustrated imaginary world, a little girl is on an adventure finding the cake recipe that captured her heart. This ocean themed app lets kids interact with characters and build their curiosity along the journey.

Ocean Bakery
Ocean Bakery
Developer: EREO Creatives
Price: Free

Get Qurious- Explorer Box
by Get Qurious

Play games and activities in a brilliantly-colored 3D Space universe through the magic of Augmented Reality! Kids have fun while learning STREAM – Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Math – in both the real and digital worlds with this app + Space Explorer Box (sold separately @

Get 25% off kits this month with code LOVE25 at

Get Qurious - Explorer Box
Get Qurious - Explorer Box

Math Apps to Use During the School Year

“There are many math apps that span a wide spectrum of math content, often a full year’s worth of content that you could easily work into your school or homework plans. It’s helpful to find one your child enjoys and that easily combines with your routine if you feel he needs additional support in math or loves math.” See more at KinderTown. 

(Plus some classic Spelling Apps)

Best Kids’ Apps to Download Before a Flight

“Settling in for hours of air travel? Help mix things up for your kids by offering as many types of activities as cramped seating allows. When books and I Spy run dry, these apps cover a wide variety of interests and ages to keep everyone happy and occupied. Together, play virtual board games, create books, or solve word puzzles . In the mood to play alone? Have kids try sandbox-style games or puzzle apps to keep them interested — and thinking.” See more at Common Sense Media

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