App Friday September 8th, 2017

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This week, travel and discover in Explore Paris, learn some Spanish with Leo Spanish Crosswords, view some very well done animated stories with Baobab VR (and free too), and practice English and math with Learning Upgrade. We also have links to a great list of back to school apps from Teachers with Apps, and Melinda Gates’ thoughts on kids and technology.

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Explore Paris
by Toowoo

Travel with us, as a cast of more than 60 fun and diverse characters help you explore this wonderful city. Fascinating at every turn, with its famous landmarks, friendly neighbourhoods and vibrant charm, Explore Paris encourages exploration and discovery while introducing your little ones to another language and culture.

Toowoo Explore Paris
Toowoo Explore Paris
Developer: Toowoo
Price: $1.99

Leo Spanish Crosswords
by Twenda Learning LLC

Leo Crosswords has been carefully designed to introduce young learners to Spanish, with a focus on vocabulary and pronunciation through fun game play. The program enables students to quickly learn new words that contain Open Syllables (ends in a vowel) or Mixed Syllables (ends in a vowel or a consonant). In addition, students will improve Spanish knowledge by focusing on more challenging words that are Blends (combinations of 2 or 3 consonants such as “bl” or “ch”) and Digraphs (vowel combinations that have distinct sounds like “au” and “eu”).

Leo Spanish Crosswords
Leo Spanish Crosswords
Developer: Twenda Learning
Price: Free+

Baobab VR
by Baobab Studios

Watch the most popular Virtual Reality stories and movies from Eric Darnell (director of Madagascar films) and Emmy-winning Baobab studios. Experience film quality animation and explore immersive beautiful 360 environments like being right there inside the story! It’s free to download and easy to use – watch 360 videos on your phone or stick in a cardboard headset for an immersive VR experience.

Baobab VR - animated stories
Baobab VR - animated stories

Learning Upgrade
by Learning Upgrade LLC

Learning Upgrade helps students learn English and math the fun way! Students enjoy lessons filled with music, video, games and rewards. After starting at their own level, students move up through a sequence of lessons and courses, earning certificates along the way.  The goal is rapid growth in English and math.

Learning Upgrade
Learning Upgrade
Developer: Learning Upgrade
Price: Free

Melinda Gates: I spent my career in technology. I wasn’t prepared for its effect on my kids.

Kids are growing up with smartphones that constantly connect them to the digital world, and we still don’t know the consequences of that good and bad, so it’s good to try to take a balanced approach to technology. Read more at the Washington Post.

Back to School Apps – Tried and True with some New

Great list of apps for different age levels, all quality. See more at Teachers With Apps.

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