App Friday August 11th, 2017

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Create 3D models with Sketch 3D (free this Friday), create and play with stuffed toys with Plushie Creator, and fly with McPanda: Super Pilot. Plus, fostering creativity in children, and a class action lawsuit against Disney alleging privacy violations.

Garry Froehlich 
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Sketch 3D :Model 3D Objects Easily
by Appy Monkeys

Free Friday August 11th

Sketch 3D is a simple way for anyone to build their ideas in 3D. Push, pull and tap to create 3d models such as chairs and cars to more complex organic models like animals, birds and humans.

Sketch 3D:Easy 3D Modelling
Sketch 3D:Easy 3D Modelling
Developer: Arjun Gupte
Price: $4.99

Plushie Creator
by Plush Soft OOD

With Plushie Creator your child can fully customize their own plush toy. They can add accessories, change fur length or interact with the toy. The room behind the Plushie is fully interactable, filled with colorful toys and animations.

McPanda: Super Pilot
by wonderkind GmbH

With this app you can fly exciting missions, experience great adventures, and become a real flying hero. Choose one of the super-cool planes and your favorite pilot. Wow, each aircraft has special abilities that help you solve tasks and missions!

McPanda: Super Pilot Kids App
McPanda: Super Pilot Kids App

Class Action Lawsuit Claims Disney Apps Collect Kids’ Data

“The Walt Disney Co. secretly collects personal information on some of their youngest customers and shares that data illegally with advertisers without parental consent, according to a federal lawsuit filed late last week in California.”

The lawsuit seems to hinge on whether or not Disney’s partners have embedded tracking software in the apps. You can find a list of the apps in question at the Washington Post.

Fostering Creativity in Children

Minilab Studios shares some ideas on how to encourage children to flex and develop their creativity. Read more at Minicab Studios.

Aliens in Our Midst

This one blew my mind (no pun intended). Despite being very different animals, the brain and nervous system of a mammal and an insect basically work the same. That means there is probably only one way to build a brain… or so we thought. Remarkably, there are animals that have evolved a completely different brain chemistry than our own, making them very alien. Read more at

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