App Friday August 4th, 2017

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Enjoy a story and sing-a-long with Miniwalla, play a game with Sherman the Alaskan Cow, tell time view the positions of the sun and stars relative to the Earth with the Swiss made Cosmic-Watch, and find some activities to do with babies in Braiby Parenting. Plus, math apps to tune up for back to school, and how making mistakes helps us learn.

Garry Froehlich 
Jellybean Tunes

Miniwalla the forest story
by Siu lui shirley Choi

Miniwalla is the brand new musical app from award-winning composter Shirley Choi. This app is an educational experience and an interactive e-book. It’s full of sing-a-long songs, curious critters, and amazing adventures.

Miniwalla includes six stories, each teaching lessons about endangered animals, protecting the environment, and how to be a responsible person.

by Celestial Dynamics AG

Discover the fascinating relation between time and the cosmos. Enjoy this interactive learning tool and understand the concept of the celestial sphere and the apparent movement of the sky.

Price: $4.99

Sherman the Alaskan Cow
by MooCow Ink

Sherman the Alaskan Cow is a fun adventure-puzzle game with easy to pick up mechanics for everyone to play. Join Sherman the Alaskan Cow as he makes his way to the evil Moose Corp to save his fellow friends. Help him solve puzzles, and explore hidden areas.

Sherman the Alaskan Cow
Sherman the Alaskan Cow
Developer: MooCow Ink
Price: Free


Appelsin Stickers – Animals Emoji – Animated
by Appelsin Apps AB

Free for a limited time. This is a collection of animated stickers featuring animal characters in Appelsin Apps games for kids. Stick these awesome emoji stickers on your messages to add a bit more character to your texts.

Note: for use with iMessage.

Sherman the Alaskan Cow
Sherman the Alaskan Cow
Developer: MooCow Ink
Price: Free

Braiby: Parenting App

Braiby is a free online tool and app for Moms and Dads. It helps you nurture a baby’s cognitive, emotional & physical development. Learn more at

Note: requires email or Facebook login.

Math App Essentials for Back to School

If you are looking to sharpen those math skills before school starts, Teachers With Apps has a fine round up of some of the best math apps on the App Store. See it at Teachers With Apps.

How Making Mistakes Primes Kids To Learn Better

As the father of a child who hates making mistakes (he probably got it from me), I can appreciate this article on how failure can be made to work in our favour. Read more at KQED News. 

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