App Friday July 28th, 2017

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Ahoiii Entertainment is back with a beautiful new Fiete puzzle app for preschoolers, and Kids17Fun invites kids to learn subtraction visually with eggs. Looking forward to the upcoming solar eclipse? Find out where to view it (and how to view it safely) with the free Totality app. Older kids can puzzle out the anatomy of frogs, worms, fish and humans in Build An Animal. Plus, a selection of podcasts for kids, and a YouTube channel with new arrangements of nursery rhymes.

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Fiete Puzzle – Kids Games with Animals
by Ahoiii Entertainment

Fiete Puzzle is anything but an ordinary puzzle. With the help of breathtaking camera movements the children can puzzle themselves into 9 exciting puzzle motifs. They can discover Fiete in gorgeous picture book landscape, in the zoo, on the construction site or on the farm. At each camera stop the litte ones have to recognize where the displayed puzzle parts fit. And after each finished puzzle the children can once again move through the puzzle to interact with the animals and figures.

Subtractions with eggs
by Kids17Fun

Subtractions with Eggs provides a simple way to learn subtraction by regrouping. This app uses hatched birds to help kids understand subtraction, and questions are refreshed dynamically to generate plenty of practice questions.

Subtractions with eggs
Subtractions with eggs
Developer: Red Hong
Price: Free+

Totality by Big Kid Science
by Germinate LLC

Want to witness the coast-to-coast solar eclipse of 2017? Totality by Big Kid Science is the free app that will tell you when, where, and what you’ll see on eclipse day.

Totality by Big Kid Science
Totality by Big Kid Science

Build an Animal
by InViVo Communications Inc.

In this gutsy educational game learn about the human body’s major organ systems. Supplement in-class lessons and learn about frog, worm and trout anatomy without the mess. Master the systems. Beat the clock. Climb to the top of the leader board. Have fun learning about biology!

Build an Animal
Build an Animal

20 Podcasts for Kids

Common Sense Media rounded up a list of audio podcasts from stories to children’s music to explanations of science. See More at Common Sense Media.


ItsyBitsyKids is a YouTube channel with different takes on classic children’s songs and some lovely animation (although they do run ads on their videos). They release a new song every second Wednesday. See more on YouTube.

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