App Friday June 9th, 2017

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Put yourself in the story with Garden Guardian, practice grammar with Past Tenses, and enjoy the folk tale The Giant Turnip with spoken, written and sign language. Plus, control robots with Apple’s Swift Playgrounds, and can music help with language development?

Garry Froehlich 
Jellybean Tunes

Garden Guardian
by Polished Play

Become a magical garden protector and save the day! Learn how to care for your garden. Protect and raise a baby caterpillar through the stages of metamorphosis. Customize with your own photos. Use up to 10 emotional photo faces to animate your every mood in the story. Hilarious fun for kids and adults.

Planetarix—Memory Challenge
by Whaleby Games

This is the cutest, the most adventurous and challenging memory game in the universe. We predict no one will ever be able to solve ALL of the puzzles.

Price: $0.99

Past Tenses With Splingo
by The Speech And Language Store LLP

Over 60 verbs with Regular and Irregular Past Tense endings can be taught and reinforced through bright colorful images and entertaining game play. Splingo apps also have built-in, motivating reward games to encourage engagement. The reward game for Past Tense with Splingo invites children to create and build alien friends for Splingo!

The Giant Turnip-ASL
by Vineya

The classic Slavic folk tale “The Giant Turnip” takes on new life as a tool for bilingual education of deaf and hard of hearing children! Through this story of a grandpa and his family’s quest to pull out the giant turnip, the young reader can achieve early exposure to bilingualism and improve their language and literacy development.

The Giant Turnip-ASL
The Giant Turnip-ASL
Developer: Vineya
Price: Free

Control Robots with Swift Playgrounds

Apple has extended their learn to code app with support for certain robotic toys, drones, and an interesting looking cube that plays music. Read more at Apple.

Using Music And Rhythm To Help Kids With Grammar And Language

“Gordon is director of the Music Cognition Lab in the Department of Otolaryngology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. She studies the connections between rhythm and grammar, and how rhythm and music training might help children with atypical language development.”

This is an ongoing study, but it would be amazing if it turns out music can help with language development. Read more at KQED News.

Judy Games on Android Infected with Malware

Several apps featuring a kid-friendly cartoon character named Judy are infected with malware that uses your phone to run ads in the background. Google has removed them from the store, but if you have one on your phone or tablet, it’s probably best to delete it. Read more at Yahoo.

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