App Friday May 19th, 2017

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Get Multi-touch Fractions from iDevBooks free this Friday, develop writing fluency with Fight Write from MadeByEducators, play hide and seek with Fiete, and read along as Mr. Rabbit finds the Missing Friend. Plus, a streaming TV device from PBS Kids, the secret use of the Narwhals’ tusks, and a simply amazing dinosaur fossil.

Garry Froehlich 
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Multi-touch Fractions
by iDevBooks

Explore division of one unit into fractions with multi-touch. Touch any fraction of the unit with two or more fingers to further divide it by the number of touches. Touch two or more fractions with the same denominator to add them. In addition to open ended exploration, search given fractions by dividing and adding fractions until you find the correct fraction. You can also set your own fractions to search. Each fraction has its unique color which creates harmonious and beautiful combinations of fractions.

Multi-touch Fractions
Multi-touch Fractions
Developer: Esa Helttula
Price: $3.99

Fight Write
by MadeByEducators

Fight Write helps children to practice and develop fluency in their writing while having fun.
* Choice of joined up or print style
* Option to add own words allowing children to practice their spelling
* Instant feedback on letter forming accuracy

Fight Write - Writing Fun
Fight Write - Writing Fun
Developer: madebyeducators
Price: $2.99

Fiete Hide and Seek – Animals
by Ahoiii Entertainment

In the kids app Fiete Hide and Seek sailor Fiete has hidden in colorful landscapes and the children need to find him. On their search for Fiete the kids will meet cute animals, like cats, tigers and foxes, that are also waiting for being discovered. Now Available on Google Play.

Fiete Hide and Seek
Fiete Hide and Seek
Price: $0.99

Missing Friend – Icky Mr Fox
by Ickypen

Come along with Mr. Rabbit on an adventure to rescue his dear friend from the mischievous Icky Mr. Fox in this interactive book app. Explore beautiful and interesting scenery, learn new vocabulary and interact with quirky characters. Contains Ads.

Missing Friend - Lite
Missing Friend - Lite
Developer: ICKYPEN
Price: Free
Missing Friend - Icky Mr Fox
Missing Friend - Icky Mr Fox
Developer: IckyPen
Price: Free

PBS Kids Plug & Play

It looks like a toy race car, but it’s actually a stick that plugs into a television and streams PBS Kids’ new 24/7 channel, although it comes preloaded with games and content if there is no wifi available. Dedicated tablets for kids haven’t been particularly successful, but maybe there is room for a streaming device for kids. See more at PBS Kids.

What do the Narwhals do with their tusk?

It’s a little difficult to see what’s going on, but for the first time, scientists have captured footage of male Narwhals using their tusk for feeding, though probably not in the way you would expect. See more at Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

The Amazing Dinosaur Found (Accidentally) by Miners in Canada

This has to be one of the best preserved dinosaur fossils ever. See more at National Geographic.

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