App Friday May 5th, 2017

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Color pages and design fashions with Pippapips, solve number puzzles with 123 Awesome Park, help students understand those with disabilities with the comic book Slam Dunk! Home Run!, and learn the “make ten” principle with Two Stars. Plus, discover ways parents can tame their device use, and check out inexpensive Windows laptops for education.

Garry Froehlich 
Jellybean Tunes

by Pippapips Limited

Pippapips is a fashion coloring app that makes your designs come to life. Print – color – scan our free coloring pages from Play dress up in the Pippapips App or in Augmented Reality with your own designs! If you don’t have a printer try our in app digital coloring!

Pippapips Fashion
Pippapips Fashion
Price: Free

123 Awesome Park
by Papumba

One day, Lio sets out on an adventure in a neighborhood park and finds a mysterious lost egg. He enlists the help of his best friends Emma and David to get it back. They need your child to solve the mysteries that help them return the egg! Join Lio and his friends as they explore the park, solving number puzzles and having adventures along the way.

Papumba 123 Awesome Park
Papumba 123 Awesome Park
Developer: Papumba
Price: $2.99

Slam Dunk! Home Run!
by Augusta University

Designed and developed by Augusta University’s Department of Technology Enhanced Learning and Innovation and The College of Education, SLAM DUNK! HOME RUN! is an interactive comic designed to help teachers and students better understand students  in their class who may have disabilities and more specifically understanding that in a physical education setting.  This comic contains English, Chinese and Spanish translations.

Slam Dunk! Home Run!
Slam Dunk! Home Run!
Price: Free

Two Stars Plus – combine number stars to make tens
by Two Pilots doo

Two Stars is a highly explosive math game that train speed in addition. You have to combine number stars to make sums of 10. “Make Ten” is a basic principle for addition within 100. For example: 8+7. How many more are needed to make 10? 2! If the 2 is taken from the 7, how many are left over? 5! So, 8+7 is 10+5, or 15. This principle is also used for addition of bigger numbers, such as 38+7. Two Stars lets you develop this key strategy in addition.

3 Ways Parents Can Tame Their Device Use

While we love apps, we also recognize that screens have their time and place just like anything else. Here’s a quick video with common sense (pun intended) times to put the device away. See it at Common Sense Media.

Microsoft Promises Inexpensive Laptops for the Education Market

Responding to the success of Chromebooks, Microsoft has announced that laptops running their Windows 10 S software will sell for as little as $189 and include Minecraft Education Edition and free Office 365 access for students and teachers. Read more at TechCrunch.

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