App Friday April 21st, 2017

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Follow the migration of a baby whale in Mother Grey and Little Blue, learn mandarin with HelloChinese, read the story of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff, and play the Egg Match Game (free this weekend). Plus, the hottest edtech of 2017, Sesame Street partners with WriteReader, and a new review of Money Up.

Garry Froehlich 
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Mother Gray and Little Blue
by Oken Studios

Mother Gray and Little Blue is an interactive story app about a baby Gray whale, called Little Blue, and his long migration from California to the Arctic Ocean with his mother.  The app has been carefully designed not only to be engaging but also to help improve the reading skills of children.

by HelloChinese

HelloChinese is a game-based Chinese language learning app. In addition to containing over 200 bite-sized lessons made of numerous exercises aimed at developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, unique speaking features help to correct pronunciation and simulate real conversations. HelloChinese makes learning Chinese both incredibly fun and wondrously easy!

Pocket Charts! Egg Match Game
by Good Neighbor Press, Inc.

Sweet, colorful matching game. Teach visual discrimination using colorful eggs. Developed for the iPad, this Easter-egg-themed game will teach and reinforce discrimination and memory skills. Game play is based on the popular pocket charts used in classrooms around the world. Egg Match requires 3-5 minutes for a young learner to complete, making this iPad app ideal for students with short attention spans or those requiring highly visual or tactile learning experiences.Free through April 25th.

TaleThings: 3 Goats and a Troll (Story Book)
by Possibly Pixels

A humorous retelling of the classic Norwegian fairy tale, 3 Billy Goats Gruff, where 3 brother goats have to outsmart a grumpy troll that is guarding a bridge. Ages 2-4 can marvel at the illustrations, play around with the interactive animations and effects, and listen to the story being told to them by the narrator, their parents or a teacher. Ages 4-7, who are learning to read, can try to follow along with the narrator through our word highlighting feature. Ages 7+ can try to read by themselves, or even try out different combinations of voice and text in multiple languages. Ideal for multilingual households.

Sesame Street and WriteReader partner to improve childhood literacy

WriteReader, an online educational tool for writing and story creation for schools, has partnered with Sesame Street to allow the use of their characters within the tool. Read more at

The Hottest Edtech of 2017

This is a huge list of 82 educational resources, both apps and otherwise. Read more at

Money Up Review

Money Up by pkclSoft is an app for kids for learning how to count and handle money. I always thought it deserved more attention, so it’s great to see a new review. Read more at

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