App Friday April 7th, 2017

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Travel with Monkey Moe and meet animals around the world, go on an adventure with Bit – The Time Travelling Caveman, care for the environment with The King of the Golden River, and learn the German long division method. Plus, apps for autism acceptance, and the App Fairy podcast.

Garry Froehlich 
Jellybean Tunes

The King of the Golden River
by StoryMax

The King of the Golden River is a short story (translated to English, Spanish, and Portuguese) written as a fairy tale. It tells the story of a very old and strange man who visited three brothers during a thunderstorm. Unfortunately, two of them mistreated the old man who was, in fact, the South-West Wind Esquire. To take revenge, he turned their fertile valley into red sand.

Download this book app to learn more about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, experiment with science activities, reflection and social actions recommended by experienced teachers and scientists.

Monkey Moe World Traveler
by Appelsin Apps

Welcome to travel around the world together with Monkey Moe where you can visit all the seven continents and meet different animals and collect fruits. This geography app is for children around 2-4 years old and will help kids learn about the world, fruits and animals in an entertaining way.

Monkey Moe World Traveler
Monkey Moe World Traveler

Bit – The Time Travelling Caveman
by Wee Taps

Bit is a simple caveman, living in a world of pixels. Wonderful dinosaurs and animals roam the forests of Pixel Land and Bit loves it there. But everything changes when he finds himself frozen in a block of ice. Bit’s story is completely interactive. Kids must help him explore his world and complete tasks along the way.

Bit - Time Travelling Caveman
Bit - Time Travelling Caveman
Developer: Wee Taps
Price: $2.99

German Long Division
by iDevBooks

The German Long Division app can be used to teach and study the German long division method. The user can solve custom and random division problems with small and large numbers.

German Long Division
German Long Division
Developer: Esa Helttula
Price: $3.99

Finding iOS Apps for Autism Acceptance

Apple has an app section dedicated to autism acceptance. Lorraine Akemann describes how to find both it and the special education section of the App Store. Read more at the Moms With Apps Blog.

The App Fairy Podcast

For those of you who like podcasts, I’ve learned of a new one dedicated to apps for kids.

Meet-the-author style interviews with top-quality children’s app makers. Hosted by Carissa Christner, youth services librarian at Madison Public Library, with audio engineering help from Audrey Martinovich at Audio for the Arts. Funding provided by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center.

Their current episode features an interview with Aaron Leighton, artist for Sago Mini. Check it out at

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