App Friday March 3rd, 2017

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Go on a math adventure with Smart Lumberjack (free this Friday), learn garden themed words in Moona Veggies, explore letters with Tappy Alphabet (also free), or learn words in English and African languages with Teseem-First Words. Plus, a sale on Family Play apps, a huge list of over 900 apps for SLPs, and a look at technology in toys.

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Smart Lumberjack – Kids Math Game
by Skidos Learning

Free March 3rd to 5th! Smart Lumberjack makes math puzzles fun by turning classroom lessons into math challenges. Whether your child is in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th grade, Smart Lumberjack’s challenging math problems will help them develop by leaps and bounds, while taking them on a breathless running adventure!

Skidos Smart Lumberjack
Skidos Smart Lumberjack
Developer: Skidos Learning
Price: Free

Moona Veggies: Toddler Kids Learning Puzzle Games
by Moona Group

Moona Puzzles Vegetables is an educational game for children between 2 and 6 years old to help them learn more than 50 new words for veggies, gardening and botanics. The app was designed in collaboration with professionals of early development. It includes 5 types of funny games which succeed one another in a specific order to help kids learn names of vegetables and their spelling. It also develops memory, attention skills and logic. We call this method, which consists in offering the child a series of short tasks, “Gold Key”. It was created with a psychologist to help children learn to work on a task until completion while developing positive attitudes to learning.

Tappy Alphabet-Fun Learning for Preschool Toddlers
by TaqTeq

Free Friday March 3rd! Learn the alphabet and over 100 vocabulary words on a single screen. Phonics, colorful graphics and a professional voiceover help kids learn more effectively. Kids can tap each letter of the alphabet multiple times to learn up to four vocabulary words starting with each letter of the ABCs, as well as beginning-word phonics!

Teseem-First Words
by Lizzie’s Creations

Teseem – First Words is an educational app for toddlers. In addition to learning first words in English, kids can learn African languages and culture right from the start, from their very first words.

Teseem - First Words
Teseem - First Words
Price: Free

App List for SLPs ~ sorted by goal area ~ over 900 apps!

My iPads are by far the best tools in my SLP toolbox. Best purchases ever! But an iPad is only as good as the apps that you load on it. Think of the iPad as being the toolbox & the apps within it as tools. I am in several SLP Facebook groups and see numerous posts each week asking, “What are the best apps?” So, I decided to spend some time compiling a list for this blog post.  Read more at OMazing Kids.

The genius of play is in the child, not the toy

“The placement of playthings at this year’s New York Toy Fair got Dubit strategist David Kleeman thinking about the nature of child development and expression.”  Read more at Kidscreen.

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