Swipe Left for Quick Access to the iPhone Camera

Teens love giving me lessons about using the iPhone. On our last ski tip, I wasn’t accessing the iPhone camera quickly enough for a group selfie. Instead of navigating to the iPhone camera, all I needed to do was swipe left from the lock screen. Who knew? Not me, apparently.

This may go down in history as the shortest tech tip ever, but it’s quite useful. Here is how to get quick access to the iPhone camera:

  1. Grab your iPhone (make sure it’s updated to iOS 10).
  2. Once on the Lock screen, swipe left to open the camera.

quick access iPhone camera

How were you supposed to know this? Well, if you look closely at the lock screen, there are two small dots at the bottom, and a very small dot-sized camera to the right of those dots. Those icons indicate that if you swipe left, you will be in camera mode.

In the future, I’m bookmarking the Apple support pages and user guides for What’s New in the latest versions of iOS. This way, maybe I’ll beat the teens in their newfound knowledge bytes.

Lorraine Akemann | Co-Founder and Editor | Moms With Apps

Photo credit [Flickr creative commons]

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