App Friday February 10th, 2017

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Explore the world’s landmarks in Art Stories Cities, choose your adventure in Max & Meredith: The Search for Percival, learn the science of shadows in Nico & Nor Shadow Play, and build your young child’s vocabulary with Brainy Words. Plus, the best app bundles for preschool (some great picks in there), and decoding teen text lingo.

Garry Froehlich 
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Art Stories CITIES
by Art Stories

Discover seven cities in seven different countries: Italy, Great Britain, China, Brazil, USA, Greece, and Russia. Learn about major landmarks and listen to the real sounds of cities: the Big Ben bell, the San Francisco cable car, and the San Marco bell in Venice. Having completed the skylines by picking the buildings and setting them in the right place, children can dive into some typical events. For instance, they can visit Venice at high-tide and see Rio during Carnival! The young traveller who has explored all cities is rewarded with a complete passport and a free-to-play skyline. Get ready to compose your utopian city!

Art Stories CITIES
Developer: Art Stories srl
Price: $2.99

Max & Meredith: The Search for Percival
by Move On Pluto LLC

In the quiet yet curious town of Everdale, something is amiss. Max’s dog Percival is missing! Should Max and Meredith rush into action or formulate a plan? Should they form a search party or lure Percival back to town You decide! Faced with decisions and dilemmas in the search for Percival, kids choose what to do, leading down one of eight unique storylines on a journey filled with contraption construction, music-making, and much more. With two modes, narration and storybook, kids can team up with a grown-up or explore Everdale for themselves.

by Augusta University

Brainy-Words is a great way to expand your child’s vocabulary. Pre-K and kindergarten kids will learn hundreds of child friendly words through pictures, text, and audio. Explore child-friendly categories such as Animals (dogs, pets, farm, zoo, pretend), Clothing Store (clothes, accessories, hats, shoes, sewing), Grocery Store (fruits and nuts, vegetables, bakery), House (furniture, kitchen, household), and Mall (toys, music, sports, tools). Kids can also explore words in categories or play fun quizzes picking target words from four picture options. Your child will LOVE discovering new words!

Price: Free

Nico & Nor Shadow Play

Long or short, here or there, Mouse sees shadows everywhere in Shadow Play! Help put on a shadow theater show, and discover how shadows change location, size, and shape. Through charming simulations, Shadow Play helps children explore the science of shadows.

Nico & Nor Shadow Play
Developer: WGBH
Price: Free

10 Best App Bundles for Preschool

“Bundles of apps are a great way to add to your iPad library and keep your kids playing with the BEST educational apps! We all care about content and well sure, play is learning and learning is play, but the quality of what is played can make all the difference in a child’s development. TWA highly recommends all of these apps as great choices for being educational, FUN & engaging, as well as gender neutral.” See the Bundles at Teachers With Apps.

Decode Teen Text Lingo with the Digital Glossary by Common Sense Media

“New content guiding parents in the digital world is published on Common Sense Media at a rapid rate. Recently I spied the Digital Glossary, which is a reference guide for teen text lingo, apps, and popular online communication terms. For a parent with teens, this is especially handy!” Read More at Moms With Apps.

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