App Friday January 20th, 2017

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Bring your artwork to life with FishyPaint, go on a musical world tour with the new free-to-try Jazzy World Tour, and learn about plants with the beautiful Bloom. Plus, iPhone tips for family travel, and do language learning apps work?

Garry Froehlich 
Jellybean Tunes

by Shmonster, LLC

Your own artwork comes to life and swims in FishyPaint. Kids can photograph their drawings, paintings, collages, even toys, and watch them animate in this colorful underwater scene. Video iPhone and iPad: Free

Developer: Shmonster LLC
Price: Free

Note: If you like FishyPaint, the developers are also looking for beta testers for their follow up app, PuppetMaster.

Jazzy World Tour FREE – A Musical Journey for Kids
by The Melody Book

Join our two kittens on a magical journey as they travel the world in a hot air balloon. Visit Brazil, Japan, Spain, India, Australia, Ireland, Russia and more as we explore each country’s unique music and culture. Video iPhone and iPad: Free + In-App Purchases

by Lemming Labs

Emotion match! by the Cleveland Play House is a simple matching game. Select one face and then select another to make a match. Race and gender don’t matter, just try and match the emotions. Developed in Partnership with the United States Department of Education. iPad: Free

Developer: Lemming Labs
Price: Free

by Megalearn AB

Has your child ever wondered why trees produce delicious fruits and berries? Or why dandelions release their seeds into the air? In Bloom, your child explores the ingenious strategies used by plants to spread their seeds. Megalearn is a Swedish studio making educational apps with gorgeous graphics. We believe that to acquire true knowledge, kids need to learn more than names and facts. Therefore, we make apps that help kids discover how the world works. iPhone and iPad: 4.99

Bloom by Megalearn
Bloom by Megalearn
Developer: Megalearn AB
Price: $4.99

iPhone Tips for Family Travel
by Lorraine Akemann

“We just returned from an overseas trip, and I want to share how our family used the iPhone as a travel helper. With certain apps and settings in place, it was easy to navigate, communicate and prepare for our adventure. Here are our top 10 iPhone tips for family travel…” Read more on Moms With Apps.

Do Gamified Language Learning Apps Work?

“Gamified language learning applications are enjoying millions of downloads, and a certain degree of popular prestige, with Duolingo being named Apple’s app of the year for 2013. These apps use points systems, power ups and other game mechanics to make the memorization of foreign vocabulary and grammar rules more engaging and exciting, but are they able to make students proficient in their target language?” Read More at the Tech Edvocate.

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