Simple Phone Apps To Help Adults With Special Needs

Recently I was approached to help a family find phone apps for their adult son with special needs. I reached out to the developer community and discovered multiple apps and suggestions to help make digital communication easier. Here are some of their ideas for simple phone apps:

Favorites tab on iOS phone app

The first tab on the iPhone’s phone app is called Favorites. Adding contacts to Favorites enables a picture-based view of each contact, along with an info button with one-tap access to their text, phone, FaceTime or email. Taking a few minutes to set up a user’s Favorites can provide instant access to communication.


EasyPhone connects contacts to a friendly face, and was designed especially to help people with cognitive challenges navigate the phone successfully. This app was recommended by Bridging Apps, a comprehensive website featuring apps for people with disabilities.

EasyPhone App
EasyPhone App
Developer: HJ Holdings LLC
Price: $0.99

Koala Phone for Google Play

Large keyboard and readable text makes this phone easy to use without glasses. Available in 30 languages, Koala Phone links to other apps like camera and flashlight but uses its large text and icon interface. More information at

Koala Phone Launcher Free
Koala Phone Launcher Free
Developer: Tomas Slavicek
Price: Free+


Designed by parents especially for kids, Kidofon is made to simplify phone use for young users in order to reach family members in case of an emergency. Picture-based icons are activated at the touch of a finger.

Kindoma video chat

Kindoma offers video chat features to keep families connected. Designed with young users in mind, Kindoma has two apps for drawing and storytelling. Kindoma was recommended as a potential fit for any user seeking creative and friendly ways to communicate with family.

Do you have any additional apps or recommendations to round out this list? Leave a comment and I’ll keep the post updated.

Lorraine Akemann | Co-Founder and Editor | Moms With Apps

Photo credit [Flickr public domain]

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