App Friday January 6th, 2017

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Happy New Year! Save bits of the world with the Artist Mortimer 2, solve problems with shapes in RelationShapes, and discover food around the world with Art Stories. Plus, a Sun to Moon Sleep Clock for kids, More 4 Monkey, and the top apps of 2016 from Geeks With Juniors.

Garry Froehlich 
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The Artist Mortimer 2
by OCG Studios

Mortimer is an artist who more than anything loves to paint. Whatever he puts on the canvas stays there and whatever he adds to his painting he adds to the world. Mortimer want’s to save bits of the world. A simple and sweet story about an artist who saves bits of the world, enlivened with lovely music, great interactivity and narration. Story written and illustrated by Bo Zaunders. iPhone and iPad: 0.99

The Artist Mortimer 2
The Artist Mortimer 2
Developer: OCG Studios
Price: $0.99

by VizuVizu

RelationShapes is devoted to developing young children’s (recommended ages 4-6) visual-spatial reasoning and creative problem solving skills through open-ended play! Video iPad: Free

Developer: Vizuvizu LLC
Price: Free

Art Stories World Food
by Art Stories

World Food is the first app developed by Art Stories in partnership with MUBA, the Childrens’ Museum of Milan, Italy. It translates into a digital language the approach of Children’s Museums around the world: encouraging children to discover the world through play and intuition rather than a direct transmission of ideas. What is eaten around the world? And how are tables laid?

In a journey around the world, children discover what happens in eight countries: Italy, France, Russia, Morocco, India, Japan, Mexico, United States. There is a table to lay in each country, and a meal to prepare, and cutlery to arrange… and for each one, you’ll find a recipe, to do at home! Moreover you can find other two activities about food: you can lay a table of your choice, with all your favourite food; and you can prepare your birthday table with muffins, cakes, and sweets… Video iPhone, iPad, iMessage: 2.99 Google Play: 1.99

Art Stories World Food
Art Stories World Food
Developer: Art Stories srl
Price: $2.99

Sun to Moon Sleep Clock
by Michael Sibley

A children’s visual alarm clock app with star countdown, sleep rewards, accompanying craft activity and custom artwork by artist Michael Sibley. Read More iPhone and iPad: 0.99 Google Play: 3.99

Sun to Moon Sleep Clock
Sun to Moon Sleep Clock
Developer: Michael Sibley
Price: $3.99

More 4 Monkey
by Cognitive ToyBox

More 4 Monkey is a science-backed game that helps children practice their intuitive sense of quantity, or number sense. Research shows that children who play digital number sense games demonstrate better math performance (on tests of counting, number identification, addition, etc.) when compared to control groups. More 4 Monkey is adaptive and continually challenges a child’s number sense. Video iPhone and iPad: Free + In-App Purchase

Top 60 Best Apps for Kids 2016

Geeks With Juniors rounds up their top picks for kids apps in 2016, and it should come as no surprise that I agree with a lot of their choices – we’ve featured many of those same apps. See the list

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