Fun with New iOS 10.2 Emojis

Sometimes new emoji characters are released in a software update, just like they were this December with iOS 10.2. Reading the update notes, I was pleased to see new emojis from Unicode 9.0, in addition to new emojis representing professions, added to the keyboard on my iPhone’s operating system.

New iOS 10.2 emojis

To best understand what was added I consulted one of my favorite emoji websites, Emojipedia. Their changelog and video provide an overview of the latest. Notable additions include gender diversity, food, sports, animals and professions. For example, now there is a dancing man, in addition to a dancing woman. We also have scientists, teachers, mechanics, a croissant, and even water polo players!

Can you find your favorite new emoji?

One way to become familiar with the enhanced emoji keyboard is by picking out favorites. My daughter and I did this after updating our phones. She sent me the cowboy-hat smiley face, and I sent her the pizza. Sounds a little silly, but the more interaction I build with my kids, the better!

Which emoji most reflects your identity?

Can you find your hobby, interest or profession on the emoji keyboard? As a blogger, I quite like the lady technologist. Similarly, I like the lady mechanic because I could have used that after fixing our household pipes the other day. Which ones would you use to describe yourself?

Do you use emoji combinations?

My friend recently sent an “XO” emoji combination in a holiday message. I hadn’t seen that before, but thought the hugs, represented with emojis, were cute and creative. What new combinations will be made with this latest set of emoji characters? Keep your eyes open – only time will tell.

What’s coming in 2017?

Curious about the next emoji update? Me too. I’d like to see if they add ballerina or pointe shoe emojis for my daughter and her friends. This is important stuff! Head to the Unicode website to keep up with the plans. Don’t see what you like? Then make a submission. The more we participate, the more we can help grow and diversify this new method of communication.

Lorraine Akemann | Co-Founder and Editor | Moms With Apps

Photo credit [Emojipedia video screenshot]

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