Set a Regular Sleep Routine with the iPhone Bedtime Clock

I tend to associate smartphone use with the potential to overstimulate the brain. So I was pleased to learn about new features that support a healthy lifestyle, like a good night’s sleep. The new iPhone Bedtime Clock in iOS 10 provides a peaceful and consistent tool for scheduling sleep. Are you ready to get some rest? Let’s clock in and create a customized bedtime routine.

Open the iPhone Bedtime Clock

From the iPhone home screen, select the Clock app. On the bottom menu bar (if you have iOS 10) select Bedtime, which is between Alarm and Stopwatch.

iPhone bedtime clock

Set sleep preferences

Follow the prompts to input your desired amount of sleep, in addition to preferred sleep and wake times. These times can be adjusted at a later date by clicking Options.

Set notification preferences

Choose reminder intervals and notification sounds that best suit your preferences. For example, I like to be reminded about bedtime about an hour before I actually want to fall asleep. This gives me enough time to finish my current activity and get ready for bed. I also want the sound to be light, peaceful and optimistic. For this, I chose the “first light” audio tone.

Adjust options as necessary

If you would like to adjust the days of the week to initiate a bedtime routine, along with reminder intervals or wake up sounds, just tap Options on the Bedtime clock display. To reset sleep and/or wake times, simply drag your finger around the clock circle.

The number one tip for healthy sleep habits from the National Sleep Foundation is to stick to a consistent sleep schedule. By setting your bedtime on Apple’s Clock, now all you need to do is follow through. After receiving the bedtime reminder from your iPhone, tune into your PJs and have a good night!

Lorraine Akemann | Co-Founder and Editor | Moms With Apps

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons

3 Replies to “Set a Regular Sleep Routine with the iPhone Bedtime Clock”

  1. I have been working on a similar idea to promote regular and consistent sleep patterns, albeit in a slightly more child friendly package. My app, Sun to Moon Sleep Clock, is based on my own artwork and goes a bit further than the default iOS app by offering a gentle rewards system as well as numerous settings and features that I wanted for our own kids. It also includes a craft activity of making a cardboard hologram viewer and stand to keep inquisitive iPad fingers at bay!

    It is free on the Amazon Underground scheme or $3.99 in the iOS and Android stores. Sorry for the self promotion but I felt it was relevant to this article and I hope that others might find it as useful for bedtimes as we did.

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