The iPhone Case Dilemma

I’ve owned nearly every generation of iPhone from the iPhone 3, to the iPhone 4S, to the iPhone 5, and finally to the iPhone 6. This pocket computer with apps for everything has become an integral part of daily life. I use the phone to take photos, get directions, and over communicate. So why am I hesitant to use an iPhone case, especially with a device that I don’t want to break?

I thought of this when a blogging contact from News of the Wired told me about his new website for cellular accessories. I said, “Cool, I’ll try one out!” A case will put me at ease when my phone is in someone else’s hands. A case will provide insurance whenever I’m rummaging through my purse over concrete. A case may even prompt me to start gaming by taking it outside to collect small monsters!

Yet I still resist putting my phone in a case. Maybe it’s because my iPhone is designed exactly as it should be, and I like interacting directly with the device. Maybe I’ve finally found a product that doesn’t seem to need any extras.

To my contact, I’d like to publicly thank you for sending me a sample case from Cellular Barn. I like the site, and I’m certain that in the unfortunate event my phone slips and shatters, I may second guess my inclination to overlook the insurance!

What about you? Do you use an iPhone case? Leave a comment if you are inclined, and hopefully their new catalog will catch your interest.

Lorraine Akemann | Co-Founder and Editor | Moms With Apps

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