Meet Three Women Business Leaders Who Drive Success in Mobile Apps

Join me on June 15th, 2016, in San Francisco to meet three women business leaders who are are driving success in the kids’ app marketplace. I will be moderating the Women In Tech panel at the Developing Apps for Kids Conference, hosted by Tech With Kids. We will be discussing best practices related to product development, marketing, operations, and key critical success factors for thriving in today’s mobile economy.

Panelists for Women in Tech: Driving Success in Mobile Apps

Panelists include: Connie Bossert, PhD, CEO and Co-Founder of Fairlady Media; Ariella Lehrer, PhD, CEO of Legacy Interactive; and Nancy MacIntyre, Founder and CEO of Fingerprint Play. These CEOs bring their experience of running two to thirty person companies in the kids’ tech industry, and relay what it takes not only to survive, but also to succeed and grow in this business environment.

Topic 1: Product Development

Panelists will be asked to share the decision-making process behind which products they decide to launch next. How much does data analysis play a role in these decisions? Or, is the launch the result of a strategic partnership? Ideally we will isolate the important quantitative reasons that a new app or product feature is greenlighted for development.

Topic 2: Launches and Marketing

What is the most successful proven element that goes into a product launch? Does this include launching with a well-known brand, in app-cross promotions, seasonal timing of the release, graphic design excellence, relationships with app stores, a great app review, a press release, or acknowledgement by an industry award? Whatever the case, please elaborate about keys to success in getting the word out so your product gains traction over time.

Topic 3: Business Operations

What have you learned over the years about sustainable business practices, and what do you think will determine your longevity over the next several years? Some depend on a diverse portfolio of product offerings to provide flexibility in case of market swings, and others have established focus in certain niche areas.

What is the best ongoing strategy to ensure business success? Small and nimble teams? Outsourcing? Tech tools and operational efficiencies like Slack or Trello? Partnerships? Licenses? Networking? Investments? A consistent stream of new apps? We’d love to know how successful CEOs balance day to day operations with long term strategic growth.

Excited to hear more? Me too! Tickets to the Tech With Kids Conference in San Francisco are still available up until the night before the event. I hope to see you there!

Lorraine Akemann | Cofounder and Editor | Moms With Apps

Photo Credit Flickr [WOCinTech Chat]

4 Replies to “Meet Three Women Business Leaders Who Drive Success in Mobile Apps”

  1. I’d love to hear some discussion around female leadership in edtech. 80% of teachers are women. Why don’t we see this mirrored in edtech? What are some of the benefits and challenges these women have faced in fundraising, sales and product development.

  2. Deena, thanks for your comment because it raises a great point for discussion about why edtech startups may not mirror the same gender ratio of teachers in education. I have noticed a few areas of encouragement. First, is the Congressional App Challenge where the last two years of winners in our congressional district were all female teams. Second, are the female founders who make many of the family-friendly apps for education. Third is the Technovation Challenge that supports a girls-in-tech mission. Finally, I have also noticed the presence of female leadership teams in the Imagine K12 edtech accelerator program. That said, there is still more work to be done, which is part of the reason we still need to spotlight the efforts of #womenintech. –Lorraine

  3. Since we couldn´t join the conference … do you know if there are any videos available?

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