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Too Much Information 💻

As information in the digital age continues to proliferate, keeping track of the news can be a challenge. Which topics are common knowledge? Everything from pop culture to world events are discussed in small talk, and sometimes small talk is necessary to fuel a lunch conversation, work conversation, or visit with friends.

TV News is Gruesome! 📺

As a mother, I often find myself caught up in managing school events or family activities, without much time for digesting the world’s news. On days when I’m motivated to turn on the news, I quickly turn it off due to the gruesome nature of killings and kidnappings covered by local newscasters. Mainstream news coverage is rarely appropriate for youngsters charging around the household.

The Skimm is Appropriate! 😀

Last year a close friend recommended an email newsletter called The Skimm. It’s a free subscription delivered to inboxes everyday. At first I was skeptical because the headlines seemed cheeky and unrelated to the news content. After learning how to best skim The Skimm, I quickly bypassed the headlines in favor of succinctly presented content. Within minutes of reading The Skimm, I was aware of global events, national conversations, and cultural milestones.

The Skimm is also an App! 📱

The Skimm is now available in app format and features a calendar called Skimm Ahead. In addition to providing news recaps, the app jumps forward to give a heads-up about what’s noteworthy in the future. I specifically like to know when a major sporting event is about to happen so I can share this with my daughters who love sports. In addition, it’s nice to know when something fun like the Met Gala is about to take place. This gives me a reason to connect with my oldest daughter over celebrity fashions.

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The Skimm Works Well for Moms of Teens 🙋

This testimonial may come off sounding trite, but I assure you that every conversation starter I can have with a young teen is a bonus. As peer groups continue to influence each other, being in the know is helpful to moms who want to keep fun conversations flowing with their kids.

Skimm Ahead is available via a subscription service for $2.99 per month, with the first month free. I am not affiliated in any way with The Skimm – I’m just a happy customer. I am also happy because they use emoji to kick off every calendar event. Love that! ❤️

Lorraine Akemann | Moms With Apps

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