An observation about Apple’s new “Kids” category

by Moms With Apps on September 19, 2013

On iOS7 launch day I was able to download Apple’s new iOS to my iPad Mini. My first stop was the App Store to check out the new “Kids” category.


I noticed a selection of familiar developers featured in the Kids category, many of whom have worked hard to build apps that kids really love. My hope is that over time, more and more developers will be featured in this category, because this section of the App Store is fun and vibrant and made with content “just for kids”.

I also noticed a selection of developers who I could not find in the Kids category, but who had, after a lot of effort to make their apps work with the new Apple Review Guidelines for Kids, gotten their apps accepted by Apple.

At this point, unfortunately, accepted does not mean selected. It looks like submitting your app with the new “Kids” designation, even upon acceptance, does not guarantee placement in the Kids section of the store. Apparently access to this section of the store, at least for now, depends on being selected by Apple for inclusion.

I wanted to share it in case it impacts your business planning.


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