How many downloads did you get, and why?

Once an app is launched, how many downloads can an app developer expect to sell? This is a constant question in the mobile app community. What number of downloads is average, what events trigger a spike in downloads, and how can those spikes be sustained?

Case studies have been published from our community in hopes of solving those mysteries. My favorite posts include charts, graphs, and summaries of personal experience. We all know the holy grail of an app launch is to be featured by the app store, but that scenario is tough to guarantee. Meanwhile, developers must assemble a tool set for increasing the visibility of their app. Here are three experiences from developers who share the results of their app launches and promotions:

Artgig Apps & Marble Math Jr.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 3.51.31 PM

Note: Pay attention to how the app stores are categorizing and curating featured apps, and how apps can benefit from their position on the app store even some time after launch. See full post at

PKCLsoft and the Launch of Claustrophobic (short term & long term results)


Note: This is a two part analysis including the initial launch and a follow up several months later. Peter details his experience with setting some of his math apps to free during App Friday and with App Advice, and how those promotions impacted the downloads of his new app. Then he does a follow up promotion and compares the difference between having apps in the “games” versus “education” category. See first post here and second post here

L’Escapadou and his Educational App Sales for 2012


Note: This is a comprehensive summary of Pierre’s downloads for every app during 2012. He points out which app sold the most, where in the rankings an app can benefit from “inertia”, and his localization strategy. He also discusses the impact of press mentions, keeping your app updated, and recaps with specific recommendations for app marketing. This article is a “must read” for anyone entering the educational app space . See full post here

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