Weekly News: January 25th

by Moms With Apps on January 24, 2013

App Friday Deals

Check out  www.appfridayparty.com on January 25th to find out what’s featured at free and special prices. If you are an early learning educator, don’t miss Kids First Words, which is free (with discounted in app purchases) this Friday.

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Jellybean Tunes App Report: Volume 64

This week’s App Report is flying high with an aviation-themed app by 2BME Studios!

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Say Hello on Facebook!

The kids’ app community gathers on the App Friday Facebook page every week (peak time at 10:00am San Francisco time). Stop by to share your news!

Link Exchange

What’s new with you? If you have app news, please post the URL below. (Hint: when you enter the URL, completely delete the  “http://” or else the link will break. I’ll do my best to check your links for you.)

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