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Today’s Featured Apps

Check out App Friday’s selection of apps on the new website: I see over a dozen featured this week.

Please read the app descriptions and/or preview the apps before making them available in your home or classroom. Most deals revert back to regular pricing by 8pm US PST. If you like an app, please consider writing a review on iTunes.

I’m curious about…

After a sneek peak of the App Friday Download Center, I notice one by Ansel and Claire with a dinosaur theme. It’s free for App Friday November 16th.

Meet us live on Facebook

The kids’ app community will be gathering on the App Friday Facebook page throughout the day, with peak traffic at 10:00am Paris and San Francisco time. Come by to say hello and sample a few freebies.

Family Media Survey

I am collaborating with Carisa of Digital Storytime on a blog post about balancing media for kids, in hopes to generate insights and tips for media use. We have 60 responses and our goal is 100. If you have a moment to fill this out, we’ll synthesize the data and share with our audiences in a summary post in the next few weeks. The survey can be taken here: Thanks!

The Jellybean Tunes App Report

Volume 55 of the Jellybean Tunes App Report is live – and filled with a diverse selection of family friendly apps.

Link Exchange

What’s new with you? If you have app news, feel free to post the URL down below to share your news with other. Have a great App Friday and enjoy the weekend with your families! (Hint: when you enter the URL, delete any “http://” or else the link will break because that portion of the URL is pre-programmed into the widget). I’ll do my best to check your links for you.

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