App Friday: November 2nd

by Moms With Apps on November 1, 2012

Welcome to App Friday, a weekly promotion for family-friendly apps. Many of us were either enduring or thinking about the storm this week. It’s encouraging to witness how communities come together in tough times. This post is dedicated to all of the families getting back on their feet. When the lights come on, maybe a few of these apps can generate a smile or two. 

What’s New?

App Friday is growing up. Under the leadership of George Karavias of Anlock Apps and a collaborative team of app developers, App Friday will soon have its own dedicated website. Parts are already complete, and more will be coming online every week. Stay tuned for the unveiling of the new domain.

What’s Your Yoodle?

Do you know what a Yoodle is? It’s a Doodle of YOU! One of the featured apps on the App Friday grid this week is the Doodle Yoodle Builder, where you can build customized scenes of your Yoodle in a sticker book. This app is a team effort between two awesome developers – I’m so excited to try it today at the special price of $.99! Take a look:

App Friday’s Apps

==> Click to view the participating apps <==

Check out the entire grid to see what’s in store for you this App Friday. I see apps for math, spelling, understanding emotions, and trips to outer space. Some are free and some are $.99. Most deals revert back to regular pricing by 8pm US Pacific time. Please read the app descriptions to learn about the app before you download it. If you like it, please consider writing a review for the developer on iTunes. Enjoy!

App Friday’s Developers

They will be gathering on the App Friday Facebook page throughout the day, with peak traffic at 10:00am Paris and San Francisco time. Come by to say hello and sample a few freebies!

Reality Check

Recommended reading for all parents ==> This article from the New York Times highlights important issues about kids, teaching and the impacts of “too much” technology. 

Link Exchange

What’s new with you? If you have app news, feel free to post the URL down below to share your news with other. Have a great App Friday and enjoy the weekend with your families!

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