The Jellybean Tunes App Report: Volume 48

Learn fire safety, organize your contacts and grab an app from the Dr. Seuss bookshelf. The 48th app report brings you the latest news and product announcements from our network of family-friendly app developers.

Please take a moment to read the full app descriptions, and to screen the apps you download, in order to fully understand the features and elements in the app. If you find an app you like, please write a review.

– Garry Froehlich | Jellybean Tunes


Polk Street Press is building an interactive kids app based on an original story by NYTimes bestselling author Deborah Underwood! Meet Spatter & Spark – an artistic porcupine and inventive fox – who invite you to build, create and learn in this new app. Join their Kickstarter Campaign here:
Fun Educational Apps has reached over 3000 likes on Facebook and they are celebrating with app giveaways. Visit their Facebook page.
The iMums Top Edutainment Apps for the School Holidays as Featured in The Sunday Mail (Australia) The iMums were recently approached by The Sunday Mail to compile a list of our top picks for educational yet entertaining apps for children aged 5-12 years. Check out their picks.

Apps for Little Ones

Button Board Button Board by Mediakitchen: Button Board is a fun and educational game for preschoolers that introduces colours through creative play. The game features a selection of incomplete pictures and a tray of colourful buttons. Complete a picture by dragging the coloured buttons into the holes on the picture. iPad: Free + In-App Purchases
VoiceBits Words VoiceBits Words by NG: Teach your baby to read with VoiceBits Words. With a few simple steps, lots of excitement, and short practices sessions, children can learn to read as naturally as they learn to speak. Create your own talking flash cards or download one of the ready to use collections. (Watch Video) iPad: $1.99
Fire Rescue! Fire Rescue! by Technolio Inc.: Fire Rescue will help teach your children how to dial 911 (this is configurable to your country’s emergency number), “stop, drop and roll,” touching the door to feel for heat & identifying objects that are hot and should be avoided. These are just some of the fun filled activities in Fire Rescue! Additionly there are plenty of tasks that will entertain and teach such as dressing the fireman & hanging up their clothes, etc! (Watch Video) iPhone and iPad: $1.99
Kapu Tickle Toy Camera HD Kapu Tickle Toy Camera by Kapu Toys: Kapu Tickle Toy Camera is a super-fun toy, which combines classic kids games and toys such as peek-a-boo, tickle tag and the jumping-jack puppet with modern technology! The gameplay and intuitive controls have been designed so that there is no wrong way to play with the toy; everything the kids do will make it work. (Watch Video) iPhone: $0.99, iPad: $0.99
Kids Trucks: Preschool Learning - Education Edition No In-App Purchases Version Kids Trucks: Preschool Learning – Education Edition by Scott Adelman: What is Kids Trucks: Preschool Learning? It is a lot of truck learning fun packed into one app. This app works with toddlers and preschoolers on learning their letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. It provides a lot of positive encouragement and incentives to help motivate children to learn and to feel good about their accomplishments. iPhone and iPad: $1.99


Arthur's Teacher Trouble - Wanderful children's interactive storybook in English and Spanish Arthur’s Teacher Trouble – Wanderful children’s interactive storybook in English and Spanish by Wanderful, Inc.: Have you ever wished you could play inside a story and really interact with all the characters and words? Now you can! Arthur’s Teacher Trouble is an imaginative and interactive reading experience with fully animated content loved by children, parents and teachers alike. iPhone and iPad: $4.99 + In-App Purchases
Tortoise & the Hare - Wanderful children's interactive storybook in English and Spanish Tortoise & the Hare – Wanderful children’s interactive storybook in English and Spanish by Wanderful, Inc.: Wanderful brings every page of this classic Aesop’s fable to life. Read and play along as the Tortoise proves that slow and steady wins the race. Join him as he accepts the much faster Hare’s challenge to a race – one that doesn’t turn out exactly as the Hare had planned. iPhone and iPad: $4.99 + In-App Purchases
Little Monster at School - Wanderful children's interactive storybook in English and Spanish Little Monster at School – Wanderful children’s interactive storybook in English and Spanish by Wanderful, Inc.: Wanderful brings every page of this timeless Mercer Mayer story to life. Read and play along with Little Monster on a fun-filled day at school as he explores different subjects with his classmates and makes friends with Yally, an often difficult fellow student. iPhone and iPad: $4.99 + In-App Purchases


Dr. Seuss Bookshelf Dr. Seuss Bookshelf by Oceanhouse Media: Dr. Seuss Bookshelf is the new go-to place to find Dr. Seuss books and entertainment apps in the App Store! Organize, browse and launch your favorite Dr. Seuss apps. Sort by type, price or age, or use the search feature to find exactly what you’re looking for. Plus be the first to find out about NEW, ON SALE, and even FREE apps! (Watch Video) iPhone and iPad: Free

Creative Play

Character Creations Updated Character Creations by Dave Baxter: Let your imagination go wild and download Character Creations, using a simple drag and drop interface you can create over 1 million different characters combinations. Updated with new characters and a new interface. iPhone and iPad: $1.99, Lite Version: Free


PHLIP PHLIP by Curious Hat: PHLIP is an intriguing and addictive visual puzzle aimed at children and inquisitive adults of all ages. Take a picture of something around you. Divide your image up into a number of tiles. Solve the puzzle by rotating the device. Share a challenging puzzle with friends and family via email. (Watch Video) iPhone and iPad: $0.99
Aniballs Lite New Lite Version Aniballs Lite by ToddWorld: Take a roll on the wide side with this Free 10 level sample of Aniballs. Take a mobile safari with this fun and addicting puzzle game. Capture endangered Aniballs from habitats around the world so they can be relocated to Aniball nature reserves. iPhone and iPad: Free, Google Play: Free


Ringya – Reach Beyond Your Contacts Ringya – Reach Beyond Your Contacts by Ringya Ltd.: Ringya transforms contact lists (class lists, work contacts, sport teams) into organized, sharable, digital lists. Just snap a picture of a paper list or email the app a digital version and…voila…you’ve got it handy on your phone! These contact lists are transformed into smart, organized Rings so users can always call, text or email individuals or groups, when they need them. iPhone: Free

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