App Friday: Previewing Content With Our Kids

Greetings App Friday Fans! Sometimes I like to talk a lot, and this week is one of those times. Here are two recent experiences that highlight the sensitivities of a child’s online environment:

The other day I was taking a morning walk with a neighbor and we were discussing the latest with our kids. She mentioned that her 9 year old used to read, write, and draw a lot in her room. Then they bought an iPad, and a friend introduced a pony game that the girl started playing on a regular basis. Now, the child is spending less time reading, writing and drawing, and more time viewing video game advertisements so she can win points for her Pony.

The very next day, I was visiting with another friend whose child (under 10 years old) is an avid reader who consumes much of her content with a Kindle. When the parents viewed their Amazon statement, they found out that Fifty Shades of Gray had been downloaded to the device, based on an ad that popped up. Uncomfortable conversations followed.

Both sets of parents learned a lot from the experience. In the first case, there are now limits with the iPad, and more check-ins about the content being consumed. In the second case, more vigilance about how content is purchased. I decided to share this as a reminder to stay alert, aware, and engaged with what our children are doing online.

As for App Friday – we have a great community here, and I’m confident this introduction is like preaching to the choir. But the more we can learn from each other, the better. Here are the educational apps featured this week (the grid includes some utilities and productivity apps as well)…


Once you are viewing the apps, click on the icons to read the app store description. I urge you to understand the features in the app before making it available in the home or classroom. If there is an “IAP” designation on the orange ribbon, it means “In App Purchase”. Most deals revert back to regular pricing by 8pm US Pacific Time on Friday, unless extended by the developer.

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October App Friday Dates Are OPEN!

If you are a developer interested in signing up for App Friday, read more about the program here ==>

ReviewForDev’s New Giveaway Tool

Jeoud, the nickname for the developer of Tapikeo, keeps inventing tools for developers. This latest one is a promo code giveaway program, and I’d like to try it out today. If you Click This Link, you’ll see a page that has a timer counting down. When the timer runs out, a button will pop up to redeem codes (they will be five codes for the iPhone version of his app, Tapikeo). I’ve timed it to release at 10:30am San Francisco Time, let me know how it goes!

AppyMall Has a New Store

Siva’s mall keeps growing. He has recently added a dedicated store for apps that include lesson plans, so curriculum and activity ideas can be extended beyond the app. Click here to visit the store ==>

The Jellybean Tunes App Report Turns 46!

New apps are listed every week on the Product Announcements board of the Parents With Apps forum. Garry of Jellybean Tunes summarizes these announcements into a handy dandy blog post, published weekly throughout the kids’ app community. Here is the latest edition ==>

Making Sense of the Apple Volume Purchase Program

Our guest post this week was written by an app developer who is also the IT guy at his local school. He sheds light on how the Apple Volume Purchase Program works, so developers can get a handle on how educational institutions purchase apps. Enlightening! ==>

Link Exchange

Got news? List it here. Developers who would like to participate in App Friday on an impromptu basis are encouraged to list their apps in the Link Exchange below. Blog visitors will notice the list can grow up to 100 apps throughout the day. Scan it for relevant titles or compelling deals. To participate, please include the app name in the Link Title, your email, and a URL.

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