App Friday: Language Arts

Welcome to App Friday, a weekly promotion featuring apps at free and special prices. The month of August highlights Back to School themes, and this week we are focused on Language Arts. You’ll see apps for letters, words, spelling, phrases, storytelling and writing. Thanks for joining – let us know what you think!

Over 20 Apps for Language Arts!

CLICK HERE TO VIEW OVER 20 APPS  for App Friday August 17th.

Once you are viewing the apps, click on the icons to read the app store description. Please note that some apps have purchase modules embedded within the app, or “In App Purchase” (understand those features before making your app available in the home or classroom). Most deals revert back to regular pricing by 8pm US Pacific Time on Friday, unless extended by the developer. If you like an app, please consider leaving a review.

Facebook Party Schedule

The Kids’ App Community joins together every week to share free deals and app news. Join us on Facebook at 10:00 am Paris and 10:00am San Francisco time for the parties. On August 10th, Ole of Apps and Kids will be co-hosting our Global Kick Off. Next, Ann and her daughter Elizabeth of Thinkamingo will be hosting from the USA. To attend, visit App Friday on Facebook, and view “Post By Others” to see the conversation.


What’s NEW?

Every week, the Jellybean Tunes App Report features NEW educational apps. If you haven’t read it lately, Volume 42 is not to be missed.

AppyMall’s Store for Language Arts

If you want to search for apps by educational category, Siva of Technology in Education recently launched AppyMall, which also has a section for Language Arts.

Link Exchange

Got news? List it here! Developers who would like to participate in App Friday on an impromptu basis are encouraged to list their apps in the Link Exchange below. Blog visitors will notice the list can grow up to 100 apps throughout the day! Scan it for relevant titles or compelling deals. To participate, please include the app name in the Link Title, your email, and a URL.

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