App Friday July 20th

Welcome to App Friday, our weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps. One more week to go in July, and then App Friday will go bonkers for Back to School. Every Friday in August, we’ll be featuring an educational topic. So whether you are interested in Preschool, Math, Language Arts, Science, or Creativity – we are going to have it covered at free and compelling prices. Parents and teachers, get ready. Developers, details on signing up are covered in this post. 

Participating Apps

Clicking the links will take you to the app description, which has more information about each app. Parents and teachers, please preview the apps to understand the features before making it available in your home or classroom. Promotional pricing lasts until 8pm US PST Friday, unless extended by the developer.

Android Apps

Sometimes the apps above are also offered on Android. The Android platforms (i.e., Nook, Amazon, Google Play) can have different price change mechanics than iOS, so this section of the post is not about sale prices, but more of a heads-up on who also develops on Android. This week, you can also find Puzzle MasterPics on Google Play.

I like to highlight developers who focus on Common Core Standards alignment. All of the Splash Math apps work hard to take this into account, and their apps are on sale this App Friday (in the featured list above). Read this post to learn more about how our community is trying to address the standards.

Community News

Get Ready for Back To School App Promotions

August = “Back To School” in a very big way. We are rallying developers to give it their best shot, so that teachers can explore a variety of content for the 2012-2013 school year. Teachers, mark EVERY FRIDAY IN AUGUST on your calendar with #appfriday because there are some incredible deals coming your way. Developers, sign up to be featured for Back to School on both the Technology in Education (Appy) form, AND on the App Friday “August” form. Questions? Don’t hesitate to write me at

Connect With Developers on Facebook

Join app developers on the App Friday Facebook page for real-time conversations. Gatherings start at 10:00am Paris time, and 10:00am San Francisco time (here is the World Clock for timezone conversions).  Once on the page, select Highlights > Posts By Others, to view the conversation. This week’s parties are hosted by Clara of Sanoen.

Link Exchange

Add links to your favorite apps, blog posts, Facebook pages – or any link that covers family-friendly apps. Please include the app name (or page name) in the Link Title, your email, and a URL. Thanks for participating!

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