The Jellybean Tunes App Report: Volume 28

Build cars, journey into space, and get the scoop on good grammar. The 28th app report brings you the latest news and product announcements from the members of the Moms With Apps network.

Parents, please take a moment to read the iTunes app descriptions, and to screen the apps you download, to fully understand the features and elements in the app. If you find an app you like, please write a review.

– Garry Froehlich | Jellybean Tunes

Apps for Little Ones

Kids Preschool Puzzle & Words by Lemberg Solutions: A lot of wonderful pictures to assemble and 14 languages to master in one app! The challenge of this educational game is interesting and exciting: a child will move patterned pieces of paper to complete a picture. When the object is created, its name is spelled on the screen and you can hear the word pronunciation in any of 14 languages available! Pictures are grouped into 6 categories (Animals, Vehicles, Fruit, Veggies, Numbers, Shapes), so there are 60 wonderful pictures to assemble and learn. The free version comes with one category open (Animals) to try it out before you buy a full version of the game (through in-app purchase). Google Play – Free + In-App Purchase
Space JigSaw Puzzles - Puzzle Fun for Kids with HD Video of Astronatuts, Rockets and Shuttles from NASA's Archives! Space JigSaw Puzzles – Puzzle Fun for Kids with HD Video of Astronauts, Rockets and Shuttles from NASA’s Archives! by Apps Kids Love – LLC: These puzzles are alive! Space JigSaw Puzzles combines high quality HD video from NASAs archives with the classic JigSaw puzzles that kids love! After each puzzle is completed an HD video with fun facts about the space program plays. Rockets launch, men walk on the moon and rovers roll on to explore! Space Puzzles keeps your little one entertained while sharpening the mind and helping to improve coordination. iPhone and iPad – $0.99
Build Cars with Edward and Arthur Build Cars with Edward and Arthur by PlayWithMotion: In this game your child can create thousands of unique, crazy and fantastical cars and then test-drive them on the race track. Nice 3d-rendered graphics and sound make the cars look and feel like real miniature cars and depending on what parts you use the car will behave different when driving. You’ll need better tires to splash through mud, bigger engine to go faster etc. While playing you’ll collects stars, that unlocks more car parts, and even additional race tracks! This game is awesome for kids 3-7 years old, and is available for iPad 2 and above and iPhone 4 and above. (Watch Video) iPhone and iPad – $1.99


Five Little Monkeys Collection #1 Five Little Monkeys Collection #1 by Oceanhouse Media: Five Little Monkeys Collection #1 features five entertaining adventures of five clumsy but well-intentioned little monkeys who don’t always get things exactly right, but always have a good time! iPhone and iPad – $11.99
The Champion Hare The Champion Hare by InteractBooks LLC: When a young hare enters the Animal Sports Competition he soon finds himself racing a cheetah and competing in the long jump against a kangaroo! It’s not easy becoming a champion, but with help from a clever parrot and cheered on by a family of meerkats he eventually discovers that nothing beats a bit of perseverance. iPhone and iPad – $3.99


The Scoop on Good Grammar The Scoop on Good Grammar by Margie Blumberg (and PicPocket Books): The Scoop on Good Grammar was named a Gold Recipient by the Mom’s Choice Awards in the Educational Products category. As you’ll see, this grammar book is all about culture. For example, Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party will guide you through the definition of a noun, and cupcakes will help you learn about adjectives. In no time at all, choosing the correct pronoun (it’s between you and me-not, between you and I) and the appropriate modifying word (it’s really sweet-not, real sweet) will become second nature to you. iBooks – $9.99
Word Craft EE Word Craft EE by JANES Works Co.: Elementary Edition (EE) is the sequel to Word Craft DE. If you like word games and trivia, then you will love the Word Craft series of word games. Just like the original, Word Craft: EE is certain to test your word skills while helping to build your vocabulary and knowledge. Each word is broken up into word blocks. For example, “Altogether” could be broken up into the word blocks “AL”, “TOG”, “ETH”, “ER.” These correct word blocks are mixed together with other incorrect word blocks. Your job is to pick the right word pieces in the correct order to spell the word defined. Play alone or with a group of friends and family. In Word Craft EE, every word comes with a complete dictionary edition, including the etymology for most words. Thus, Word Craft EE will teach you things you didn’t know about both common and unusual words. iPhone and iPad – $0.99, Google Play – $0.99, Amazon – $0.99, Nook – $0.99
Sight Words & Spelling with Pixopop Sight Words & Spelling with Pixopop by Marcel Widarto: Join Stitch Bunny and friends and learn Sight Words in a fun and engaging way. Sight Words and Spelling with Pixopop will help your child learn sight words through seeing, hearing and spelling. The three different game modes (Flash Card, Word Challenge and Spelling), will guide your child through the different stages of learning the sight words. Those stages are: seeing and hearing the word for the first time, recognizing the word and selecting the correct word in a multiple choice word challenge mode, and finally knowing how to spell the word in the spelling mode. iPad – $1.99


Algebra Quiz & Challenge by iMathPractice: This is for students in High School/College learning algebra. IMathPractice Algebra has different sections like Tutorial, Practice Skills, Practice Test & Algebra Challenge. Teaches real and complex numbers, ratios, exponents, polynomials, linear and quadratic equations, and more. Under Practice Skills, You will be able to practice all the above learned skills with help. There are answer & steps to get the answer for each question. Under Practice Test, You will be able to practice all the skills in specified timed environment. Under Algebra Challenge You will be prepared to compete with others. It contains 100 questions & time allotted is 1 hours. We will display each month champions/winners selected from around the world of this challenge in our website Google Play – $0.99, Amazon – $0.99


Kids Fun by toomanyscreens: more than 70 games and activities to play, create, observe, learn and have fun while discovering nature and its animals. (Watch Video) Now available for iPhone – $1.99
MyVijan LLC has created an introductory video for the iLuv Drawing series of apps. (Watch Video)
Super Speller: Create Your Own Spelling Tests by Quiet Spark is now a universal app and includes iCloud support. iPhone and iPad – $2.99
iLearnWords by Chrome InfoTech LLP: With interesting and important topics, your tiny tots can easily understand the world around them. Now available in a free lite version iPhone – Free
Read a review of Lily’s PictureBook by Rosemary Sanford at The iPhone Mom. Interactive Touch Book for iPhone and iPad – $1.99

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