So We Were Featured by Apple – Now What?

How do you get featured by Apple, and what  happens next? Sometimes these are the most popular discussions in our forums. We’re universally stumped. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep asking, hypothesizing and brainstorming together. Patrick Larsson, cofounder of Happi Pappi Apps, posed this question and recorded his response on their blog. Take a read, and let him know what you think!

When I woke up I found an email from my business partner with the subject heading: “Yeees!!”, naturally, it peaked my curiosity a little. The email, as it turned out, had no text – just a picture. The picture was a screen dump of Apple USA’s New & Noteworthy section for educational apps with our Happi Spells icon prominently positioned in the middle of the top row.

We had heard the stories about what happens to sales when you get featured by Apple, but being very close to the experience yourself is a little more exhilarating than taking someone else’s word for it.

For developers who would rather take someone else’s word for it, or are still waiting for your Apple shoulder tap – it does give sales a very strong boost. In our case it made sales of Happi Spells go up by 10,000%. However, let me stop you before you jump to the conclusion that we became millionaires overnight. I am not sure I am allowed to divulge the actual sales numbers in dollars – so I won’t – but a raise from let’s say $1/day to $100/day is also an increase of 10,000%.

To read the full post, Patrick has invited you over to his blog at, where you can learn more about his questions, answers, and additional theories on the app store universe! 

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  1. There are so many apps available it’s hard to get found without help. A nod from Apple would certainly help app downloads.

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