The Thoughtful Person Behind Autism Resources for Families

As social media is streaming #autism awareness, I’ll take a moment to spotlight a remarkable advocate for families with autism. Shannon Des Roches Rosa, most recently interviewed on KQED’s Forum, is a charismatic force from the Bay Area helping the universe translate autism in productive, realistic, and resourceful ways. If autism touches your life and you’re not sure what happens next, I recommend putting Shannon’s blogs and tools on your checklist. 

Autism Resource Link Exchange

Other resources or ideas for Autism Awareness Day? Please add the URL to the Link Exchange below. I’ve thought of several already (app developers, of course!).

1 thought on “The Thoughtful Person Behind Autism Resources for Families”

  1. Lorraine, you are making me blush big time. Please know that I admire the work you do with reciprocal fervor — so when App Developer Day comes along, I’ll be writing a similar post about you.

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