App Friday: March Medley

Welcome to App Friday, our weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps. This medley of apps from seven different developers feels so diverse, it’s like a sampler platter. Storybook? Travel Guide? Math workbook? Word games? Virtual reality? The choice is yours. If any of these become a hit a your house, please consider writing a review on iTunes. Thank you!

Featured Apps (Click the image to read the descriptions in iTunes. Promotional pricing lasts until 8pm US PST Friday, unless extended by the developer.)

Little Blue Jackal for iPad, FREE for App Friday. This is the second title from Niyaa, a husband/wife developer team based in the Bay Area. Their apps were a hit at the Apple Store last weekend, and they also include a parent-child-activity section with reading comprehension questions.

Card Match, FREE for App Friday. A matching game, but with sight words. In “tricky” mode, your task is to match the word with the image or color associated with that word.

Build a Word Easy Spelling Sight Words, FREE for App Friday. Tap the question mark to hear an audio version of the word, and then drag letters to spell the word. Tap each letter to hear it’s sound. Build a Word Easy Spelling Phonics is also on special this Friday for $.99.

Dollar Dogs, FREE for a limited time. This is a photo sharing app with 3D animations and virtual reality. My iPad ONE is giving me issues, so I can’t relay a full debrief, but I like the concept of heading out to take photos as tool for getting active. First app from the Mom With App at Jadaplay, I’m sure she’d appreciate your ideas and feedback.

Splash Math Worksheets Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3, for iPhone FREE for App Friday. There are tips for parents and teachers on how to use the apps for supplemental curriculum and skills practice on the StudyPad site: If you register, it’s possible to receive student progress reports via email. Privacy policy is here:

Penelope the Purple Pirate HD, and for iPhone, $.99 this App Friday. The background on how this app was made is an inspiration to anyone considering publishing on the iPad: Thanks Melissa for putting your book on sale today – looking forward to the next title!

ParisAppTours: Beware Mme la Guillotine, A Revolutionary Tour of Paris, originally scheduled for $1.99, but showing up FREE  for App Friday (from $5.99). Touring with an iPhone, with access to location and historic data of the place you are visiting, is a very cool use of technology. Thanks Sarah for keeping this app on the radar for potential summer visits to Paris!

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  1. We’re SO thrilled to be a part of Moms With Apps March Medley that we decided to re-set the price of Beware Mme la Guillotine to FREE! But only for today. The sale price of $1.99 will last through Sunday.

    Please spread the word. Perfect for history buffs and French language learners – the app is fully bilingual.

    The perfect companion on your upcoming school trip to Paris!

    In fact, if you’re coming to Paris, contact me through the TTT website. I’d love to meet you here!

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