The Jellybean Tunes App Report: Volume 18

Welcome to the 18th installment of the App Report, our weekly collection of product announcements and news from the members of the Moms With Apps network. Once again, we have a wonderfully diverse selection of apps.

Early Learning: Match pairs with Little Ace from Birds of Paradise. Playground offers up a ton of activities for young kids including matching games, puzzles and painting. Animals for Tots teaches about animals and the sounds they make.

Literacy: Rocket Speller by Little Big Thinkers and Kids Crosswords by Learning Touch use letter tiles to teach about letters, words and spelling. Oceanhouse Media offers up two new books this week, and Mobad Media has another in their Peek and Play line. We also have the books “Around the Block” for Android and “Toto and the Leopards” for iPhone/iPad.

Science: D. Bones teaches kids about the human skeleton and was recently chosen as a staff favorite by Apple.

Magazines: That’s right, a magazine app for kids! Timbuktu promises games, news, stories, and inspiring activities for the whole family.

Games: Sun Stones promises over 100 mind-bending puzzles.

Operatio has released a major update to their Multiplying Acorns app. KIDiPLAY Match also receives an update. DoReMe 1-2-3 now has a free lite version. Word Book and Puzzle Box is now available in Spanish. The incredibly popular Montessori Crosswords has crossed the 90,000 download mark and Write My Name by Injinni is New and Noteworthy (not to mention hitting number one on the US education app charts).

Parents, please take a moment to read the iTunes app descriptions, and to screen the apps you download, to fully understand the features and elements in the app. If you find an app you like, remember to write a review.

– Garry Froehlich | Jellybean Tunes


Picture Me™ Cute As Can Bee Picture Me Cute As Can Bee by Oceanhouse Media: Take new pictures or add photos from your library and this app will place your children in adorable spring costumes like bumble bee, fuzzy bunny, spring flower, hunny bear and baby bird. Children will enjoy the playful sounds and interactive objects on every page as they flip through the story and see themselves (and other costumed characters) in each illustration. iPhone and iPad
Five Little Monkeys Go Shopping Five Little Monkeys Go Shopping by Oceanhouse Media: The day before school starts, Mama takes her five little monkeys shopping for clothes. “Stay right here,” she says, “AND DON’T GO WANDERING OFF!” But one little monkey has to go to the bathroom, and two little monkeys get thirsty. Then three little monkey friends arrive, and four little monkeys decide to go help find the others. . . . Will Mama ever have all five of her little monkeys together again? iPhone and iPad, Android
Around the Block Around The Block by FatHat Games: “Around The Block” is a children’s book for ages 1-4. It tells the story of a a boy and his sister going for a walk around the block. Your child will be entertained by colorful graphics, great sound effects and a professionally recorded narration track. Find out what Nate and his sister find when they take a walk “Around The Block”. Android
The Furniture Is Alive in 3D - A Peek 'n Play Story App The Furniture Is Alive in 3D – A Peek ‘n Play Story App by Mobad Games: Imagination is a beautiful and sometimes scary thing. The childhood wonder of everyday events is explored in humorous detail in this living room adventure about confronting imaginary fears. iPhone and iPad, Mac
Toto and the Leopards Toto and the Leopards by Dipali Vaidya: Ride with Toto, the Indian auto-rickshaw and his driver Pattu as they go about solving problems, helping others and having loads of fun along the way. In this story, Toto helps a little lost leopard cub reunite with his parents and in a surprising twist, also helps the parents! iPhone and iPad


Rocket Speller Rocket Speller by Little Big Thinkers: Kids join Zip the alien on an out-of-this-world spelling adventure to build a fancy new rocket. With 4 levels of difficulty, kids spell words to fuel his spaceship and help him choose the rocket pieces he needs. Correctly place letters to spell words and move through the game. Choose a rocket nose, body, and boosters. Once Zip has collected all the pieces, launch it from the launch pad and watch it soar into space! iPhone and iPad
D. Bones D. Bones by isygames: Aimed at children aged 7 years and up, D. Bones is an educational app designed to help kids reinforce and practice material learned at school about the human skeleton. The app is divided into three sections: a puzzle so users can practice placing bones in their correct location in the skeleton, a quiz to test users’ knowledge at two levels of difficulty, and supporting text that provides basic descriptions of bones. iPhone and iPad
Farfaria Farfaria by Intuary: Welcome parents and young explorers! You have discovered FarFaria, a magical place where stories live…where your child’s perfect story awaits. Discover a world of fantasies and fables! Stories of whimsy, mischief, and mystery! Explore this exciting world, this not-so-far away place, FarFaria. Access a library of stories. New stories added each week. iPad
Animals for Tots. Animated flashcards with animal sounds Animals for Tots. Animated flashcards with animal sounds by AppAnnex, LLC: The application Animals for Tots is designed to teach pre-school children the wild and domestic animals, their names, the sounds they make. Toddlers will love touching the animals and hearing them mooing and hoofing. Older children will learn to read and correctly pronounce animal’s names. iPhone and iPad
Timbuktu Timbuktu by Elena Favilli: Timbuktu is the iPad magazine for you and your children. You will find games, news, stories, inspiring activities for the whole family, videos and top quality design and illustration. Timbuktu brings you the best children content from all over the world and makes family the coolest place to be. iPad


Little Ace: The Memory Game Little Ace: The Memory Game by Birds of Paradise: Check out new complimentary game in Little Ace’s series- Memory Ace! This EASY and FUN game has lots of beautiful hand-drawn pictures of characters from KIDS book for iPad “Little Ace and the Ten Commandments”. Find pairs is an excellent test for your visual memory that gets deceptively more difficult as you advance levels. You can choose between Easy, Normal or Hard level. iPhone and iPad
Playground HD Playground by Jan Essig: Together with my two children (4 + 2 years) we developed an App that contains their current favorite games. We have tried to make all games as clear and simple as possible. We have also tried to optimize those things we disliked in other games. The result is a collection of the following 10 games: collect, search images, match up, puzzle, painting (iPad only), erasing, sliding puzzle, catch, remember, and piano. iPhone, iPad, iPad Lite
Kids Crosswords Kids Crosswords by Learning Touch: Kids Crosswords from Learning Touch gets you 100 words, 10,000 puzzles, 10 levels of increasing difficulty and a million hours of educational fun for your kids! This crossword puzzle game is specially designed to teach fundamental reading and prereading concepts to children. In Kids Crosswords, your child will learn how letters correspond to sounds and how letter sounds form words. While they play, each letter tile announces its sound; when each word is completed, it is spelled out and then spoken. iPhone and iPad
Sun Stones Sun Stones by Sunstone Games: Unlock the magic of Sun Stones and discover a truly original gaming experience. Drenched in traditional Hopi sounds and visuals, Sun Stones is a delight for the senses. Use transformation, creation and destruction to solve 100+ puzzles. iPhone and iPad

App News

Multiplying Acorns HD – Tasty Math Facts by Operatio: updated with 3 quiz modes, 3 fun mini games to unlock, and very detailed statistics. iPad
DoReMi 1-2-3 by Creativity Inc.: now has a lite version. iPhone and iPad
Word Book and Puzzle Box HD by Anlock: now availble in a Spanish version. iPad, iPad Lite
Montessori Crosswords – Learn Spelling With Phonics-Enabled Alphabet and 300 Words for Kids by L’Escapadou: celebrates 90,000 downloads. iPhone and iPad
Write My Name by Injini by NCsoft: New and Noteworthy in Education. iPad
KIDiPLAY Match by Ingengo LLC: updated with over 50 new pictures and a brand new set of household sounds! iPhone and iPad

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