Startup Weekend EDU, Santa Clara, Feb 24th

Friday February 24th to Sunday February 26th, Startup Weekend will hold an event in Santa Clara (CA) bringing together educators and entrepreneurs to build solutions in education and technology. This event was brought to my attention by Ahmed of Go Go Mongo, one of the developers in our group, and a Startup Weekend organizer. I’m posting it on the Moms With Apps blog because app developers in the education apps community have a lot to add to the growing conversation around #edtech. If you happen to reside in the Bay Area, give a shout, and we’ll look out for you there.

More information from the Press Release:

Who, What and Where? 

Educators, developers, and designers will gather at Kno, Inc.’s headquarters for Startup Weekend EDU, a 54-hour crash course in building applications and developing education-based use cases around them.

Why Startup Weekend Edu?

“Teachers are exercising more choice over the tools and products they want to use; parents are using edtech products at home, and the ‘maker’ or do-it-yourself movement is making ‘learning’ more cool for anyone at anytime. Those dynamics offer new opportunities for entrepreneurs as well as ‘teacher-preneurs,’ educators who have a passion for building scalable solutions.”

About Startup Weekend EDU

Startup Weekend EDU ( ) is a global network of passionate educators, entrepreneurs, developers and designers on a mission to revolutionize the education and learning markets. This is citizen-driven EDU reform. Startup Weekend EDU is powered by the Kauffman Foundation, Google, Grockit, Pearson, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


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  1. Thanks Lorraine for posting this! This is turning out to be an amazing event with 30 teachers already registered! It is really important that we as kids app developers come together and work collaboratively rather than working in our silos. I think the end products will be much better, and getting the real feedback from teachers is absolutely critical.

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