The Jellybean Tunes App Report: Volume 13

Welcome to the 13th installment of the App Report featuring family friendly apps from the developers that are a part of the Moms With Apps network. This week, we have a focus on literacy and learning. ABC Phonics Rhyming Sorting provides practice with recognizing words that rhyme. Compound Words Montessori helps students combine root words into compound words. Trunky Puzzles focuses on shape recognition for young children, but also includes letter recognition. Lil’ Braniac helps kids associate spoken words with pictures from a variety of subjects and age levels. Finally, practice those reading skills with some books like Goodnight Safari and learn about the ten commandments with Little Ace.

Click on the links to find out more about each app and to determine if it is suitable for you. If you find an app you like, remember to write a review on iTunes.

– Garry Froehlich | Jellybean Tunes


Goodnight Safari by Polk Street Press LLC: Children are at the center of the story as they help the giraffe eat her dinner, the monkey climb to bed, and the elephant kiss goodnight. Simple vocabulary and intuitive interactivity will engage young children while building their comfort with nighttime preparations. A perfect bedtime or storytime accompaniment for young children. iPad
Little Ace and Ten Commandments by Birds of Paradise: Based on the Ten Commandments from the Bible, this book is an interactive tool for parents to help them easily and amusingly introduce biblical principles to their children. Come and explore the Ten Commandments together with Little Ace! iPad


Compound Words Montessori by MontessoriTech: Montessori Compound Words makes matching root words to make compound words fun and challenging! Using a chain/step puzzle format, children (and adults!) enjoy making compound words to unlock the beautiful, original photos of real objects matching the words. iPad
ABC Phonics Rhyming Sorting by Abitalk: Phonics Rhyme Sorting is a fun app for learning to recognize rhyming words, and sort them by sound. A bee carries a heart with a word on it, and your child selects which of two flower pots has a word that rhymes. The bee then carries the heart to the flower, and if correct, a new petal is added to the flower. After each group of rhyming words is completed, the animated flower will review the words. iPad iPad Lite


Trunky Puzzles by Serious Games Interactive: Kids can choose from 27 puzzles and learn how to improve motor skills and shape recognition skills. All they need to do is drag and drop the right shape in the right slot. The puzzle scenes all come from Trunky’s magical world full of goodies and fun characters! Some puzzles even practice spelling and letter recognition! iPad
Lil’ Brainiac by GetBonkers, Inc.: Lil’ Brainiac helps children of all ages learn language by stimulating their visual, auditory and tactile senses. The game board presents a range of visual images matched with audio clues. When your child hears the audio clue, they touch the corresponding picture and receive positive reinforcement as they learn. Game packs range in age and skill level; from basic shapes and colors to advanced geography. iPhone and iPad

App News

Word Book and Puzzle Box: Children Learn Phonics, Spelling and Improve Observational Skills by Anlock: updated with a new puzzle strip and better performance. iPad iPad Lite
Chasing Fireflies: A Haiku Collection by Honeybee Labs: recommended in the New York Times. iPad

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