The Jellybean Tunes App Report: Volume 12

Welcome to the 12th installment of the App Report featuring family friendly apps from Moms With Apps.

Help Pointy the hedgehog blend in, run a zoo with Dr. Suess or find the sleeping baby with this week’s books.

In Education, play memory matching games, learn the Russian alphabet or keep a mood journal. Learn to read with Sleepy Hollow.  Those with speech challenges can look at SpeakColorsHD and PictureAssistive.

String beads together, then model them in Games.  Learn to Eat Right with TUKU Logics.  Need a little extra incentive with doing chores?  Check out Quick Kids.

Click on the links to find out more about each app and to determine if it is suitable for you.  If you find an app you like, remember to write a review on iTunes.

– Garry Froehlich | Jellybean Tunes


Pointy and Pokey Pointy and Pokey by PixelMat: Pointy, the shy and adorable hedgehog is the best friend of a naughty porcupine, Pokey. Other animals are wary of their sharp quills and stay away from them. So Pointy and Pokey decide to blend in a little more. What do they do to gain acceptance? Who helps them? iPhone iPad
If I Ran the Zoo - Dr. Seuss If I Ran the Zoo – Dr. Suess by Oceanhouse Media: Young Gerald, not impressed by the animals at the zoo, conjures up plans for “New Zoo, McGrew Zoo.” Join him on a globe-trotting safari in search of the world’s most unusual creatures (with equally unusual habits). Come along and discover a zoo like you’ve never imagined, through the eyes of Gerald McGrew and the great Dr. Seuss! iPhone and iPad Android
Sleepy Baby Sleepy Baby by Family Life Studios: Make the babies giggle, pop the balloons, fly in the sky, play in the snow, hum along with the music, make the moon glow, choose your favorite cupcake for baby to eat, play in the rain, turn on the night light, find the sleeping baby, and much more. iPad


Wonkido Mood Journal Wonkido Mood Journal by Brighter Futures For Beautiful Minds: The Wonkido Mood Journal is designed to help children recognize their emotions and journal their feelings in a fun animated way. The mood journal is a mobile application for parents and teachers who recognize when a child would like to use another outlet to express their feelings. Every time a journal entry is saved, a copy of the entry is sent to the email address registered in the application. iPhone
eReading: Sleepy Hollow eReading: Sleepy Hollow by Brain Integration, LLC: eReading: Sleepy Hollow allows users to read the story, or have the story read to them and each word highlighted. Great for those who are slow readers, reluctant readers, dyslexic readers, ESL (English as a second language), and anybody else who enjoys the story of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. iPhone and iPad
PictureAssistive PictureAssistive by Benster Tan: PictureAssistive provides a means of communicating and sharing using pictures. Create visual schedules to signpost daily routine, transit more easily between activities or even to motivate to work through a less favored activity knowing a favorite activity follows. iPhone and iPad
PictureCanTalk PictureCanTalk by Benster Tan: PictureCanTalk helps individuals faced with speech challenges to communicate their needs with the use of pictures. You could use it as a PECS or AAC tool. iPhone and iPad
KIDiPLAY Match KIDiPlay Match by Ingengo LLC: KIDiPLAY Match offers a unique approach to the memory matching game: in addition to the traditional game, that develops short term visual memory, it features a sound-only memory match for auditory learners, and a game to match pictures that go together for those budding critical thinkers in the room. iPhone and iPad
KIDiLEARN Russian Alphabet KIDiLEARN Russian Alphabet by Ingengo LLC: KIDiLEARN Russian Alphabet is an introduction to Russian letters and sounds for kids and adults alike. It is intended for those who already have a basic level of conversational Russian and would like to take the first steps towards reading, especially for young children. This educational game teaches you the Russian alphabet and makes you use it! iPhone and iPad
SpeakColorsHD SpeakColorsHD by RWH Technology: SpeakColorsHD is a speech therapy app designed to help children learn how to express colors and two word phrases. SpeakColorsHD adds sentences using “the” and “is”. The app is geared toward toddlers with speech and language delays, autism, Down syndrome and other developmental disorders. iPad iPad Lite
MemMagic MemMagic by Anusen Inc: Memory Magic is a fun little game to enhance observation, focus, and memory. To play, look at a screen with multiple objects. After a short time, one object will disappear. Your goal is to find out which object is missing. iPhone and iPad Android Amazon


Kids Beads Kids Beads by Bjorn Fogelberg: Kids Beads is a beading game for preschool kids, age 3-8. It’s very easy to use – simply drag and drop any of the many colorful beads to make a great looking necklace. Try out the sparkling necklace on one of the four girls. iPhone
Eat Right Eat Right by TUKU Logics LLC: It’s a game for kids and adults to learn to eat right and live well. The objective of the game is to navigate the penguin to eat fruits, vegetables, grains, protein and dairy related products and avoid the fatty, greasy and sugary products. iPhone Android


Quick Kids Quick Kids by Quick Kids: Quick Kids is designed to help children complete every day tasks quickly, eliminating the need for nagging, moaning and pleading from parents. This application links an interactive count down timer to a reward chart. Children are challenged to ‘beat the clock’; if they succeed a star is automatically added to their chart. iPhone

App News

Stack the States by Freecloud Design, Inc.: now available for Windows Phone 7.
Murky Reef : 1st – 2nd Grade Reading, Science & Math by frolyc: updated with new visuals, audio tutorial, performance reports, interactions and kid-friendly curated videos iPad iPad Lite

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