The Jellybean Tunes App Report: Volume 11

Happy New Year and welcome to the 11th installment of the App Report featuring family friendly apps from the Product Announcements forum at Moms With Apps.   As always, we have an interesting assortment of books, games and educational apps to share with you.

Fancy Nancy makes the leap from book to app.  It turns out Henry is late again, and what does it mean that Luca has magic eyelashes?

Little ones can learn shapes with Shape Up, learn phonics with ABC Phonics, or create stories with VeggieTales. For those that need a little incentive can learn times tables with a pirate twist through 2×2=4.

Kids can explore their surroundings and make movies from the alphabet with ABC Spy. Everyone can recreate moments at the zoo and learn language with GoGo Explorer.

Older kids can take on 4th grade math with Splash Math, plus they can learn all about the science of plants with Plants HD.

Thomas steams in with puzzles and games for fans of the tank engine.  Preschool Kitty provides numerous activities for young kids and Bible Pairs offers a biblical take on matching games.

Finally, if you’ve ever had trouble putting your little one to bed, there’s Bo’s Bedtime Story.

Click on the links to find out more about each app and to determine if you find it suitable.  If you find an app you like, remember to write a review on iTunes.

– Garry Froehlich | Jellybean Tunes


Fancy Nancy Dress Up Fancy Nancy Dress Up by Bean Creative: Make Nancy look extra fancy in this first-ever official Fancy Nancy game app! Nancy’s going to a splendid soiree – that’s fancy for party! Read her storybook and then create fancy outfits on every page. After all, no one knows how to dress up like Fancy Nancy! iPhone and iPad
Henry! you're late AGAIN! Henry! you’re late AGAIN! by ZebraMinds, Inc.: Do you have a wolf waiting in your school if you arrive late? Henry does! Find out who it is and just what makes him late every single day. Humor and quirky pictures will keep you grinning all day. iPad
Luca Lashes The Brown-Eyed Boy with Magic Eyelashes Luca Lashes The Brown-Eyed Boy with Magic Eyelashes by Luca Lashes LLC: This App introduces the series, which follows the exploits of “Luca Lashes, the Brown-eyed Boy with the Magic Eyelashes,” as he discovers the world around him and experiences his “firsts” in life. The App features interactivity (touch, sight, & sound), parent suggestions, a relatable character and is written for children in the 0-4 year range. Each version can be read in English, French, Italian, & Spanish. iPhone and iPad


ABC Phonics Word Family Free ABC Phonics Word Family Free by Abitalk: The Phonics Word Family provides the word phonics spelling, beginning sound, word family phonics, short vowel sound, and images with animations and interactions for each word. There are a total of ten word family groups which focus on the short vowel word family phonics learning. iPhone and iPad
4th Grade Math: Splash Math Worksheets App [HD Full] 4th Grade Math: Splash Math Worksheets App by StudyPad, Inc.: With 140+ adaptive worksheets with virtually infinite problems spanning across 10 chapters, Splash Math Grade 4 covers the entire 4th grade curriculum. All of the included problems are aligned with common core standards for 4th grade. iPad
GoGo Explorer GoGo Explorer by Hagend Lab LLC: Ever been to a zoo and wonder how to fully capture the eye-popping moments beyond just picture or video? With Gogo the Field Trip Explorer, you can now recreate, collaborate and share those thrilling experience in form of a portable field trip on your iPad, tablet, or smart phone! iPhone and iPad
Plants HD Plants HD by Sprout Labs: Plants HD delivers interactive content about plants and their lifecycle. The app provides an in-depth look into topics such as seeds, germination, pollination, flowers, trees, fruits, and dispersal. Scientific information about the various topics is combined with quiz and game to enhance the learning. Flip through photos, read content or have it read to you, listen to music while reading, or just play a game. iPad
2x2=4 2×2=4 by Aplemakh Bros: Learn multiplication and division while dueling with a pirate ship. Get the right answer and earn a cannon ball. Think too long, and the pirate shoots at you. Includes 3 levels of complexity and the ability to choose the range of equations plus track progress with gameplay history. iPhone and iPad
Step-by-Story™ - VeggieTales' The Goofy Gift Step-by-Story – VeggieTales’ The Goofy Gift by Playful Owl, LLC: Step-by-Story builds reading readiness through play for pre-readers and first readers. It is built on classic principles of child development and a deep understanding of children’s play patterns. In “The Goofy Gift”, kids will explore making and giving silly and creative gifts for their favorite VeggieTales Characters. At the end of every story that your child builds, Larry reminds them: Remember, its the thought that counts. iPhone and iPad Android Nook
Shape up Shape up by Des Carabistouilles SPRL-BVBA: Shape Up is an interactive picture book written and illustrated by a qualified physiotherapist that will teach young children the different geometrical forms by asking them to trace the geometric shapes seen during the story. Four little cows – Bluebell, Violet, Rosie and Buttercup – bored of their square meadow, want to escape. To do so they will need the help of the young reader to remove the posts at the corners of the meadow. iPhone and iPad
ABC Spy ABC Spy by Stealth Education: Take a photo, choose a frame, give it a name. Then make a movie of all your photos to share with friends and family. ABC Spy challenges children to create their own ABC experience by taking photos of objects in their world for each letter of the alphabet. iPhone


Thomas & Friends: Engine Activities Thomas & Friends: Engine Activities by Callaway Digital Arts, Inc.: Tap into the fun of Thomas & Friends with this all-new interactive activity app! Little engineers will be entertained for hours as they play with come-alive puzzles, creativity-boosting coloring pages, and brain-building matching games. Extend the play even further by purchasing additional packs with new puzzles, coloring pages, and collectible match cards. iPhone and iPad
Bo's Bedtime Story Bo’s Bedtime Story by Heppi: How can you make going to bed for your kids more fun? With “Bo’s Bedtime Story” your child has the opportunity to help Bo the Giraffe clean up his toys, get undressed before taking a bath, wash his hair, dry off, brush his teeth, put on his pajamas, cuddle his bear, read his bedtime story and have his goodnight kisses before he drifts off to sleep. Bo will help encourage and teach your child good bedtime habits in a fun and interactive way! iPad
Preschool Kitty Preschool Kitty by KatzApps: Kitty will help your little ones to learn and practice crucial skills. There are 7 types of games including matching objects, spot the difference, where is the object, picture puzzles, patterns, catch the object and find the right images. Difficulty levels and the types of games to be included can be fully customized to ensure the right amount of challenge. iPhone and iPad
Bible Pairs, by Little Scribes Bible Pairs, by Little Scribes by Andrew Hoyer: Bible Pairs makes use of the Little Scribes theme in a fun object matching-type game. An object, person, or place is featured and displayed along with three others, one of which is related somehow. Some are simple relationships, such as a fish and a river, while others require some story knowledge, such as pairing Moses with the burning bush. iPhone and iPad

App News

Montessori Memory by now available in a Lite version. iPhone and iPad
KidsAndBeyond interviewed by, the online version of the Boston Globe
ParisAppTours: Beware Mme la Guillotine, A Revolutionary Tour of Paris by Time Traveler Tours, LLC: named a Top 10 Tried and True Classroom App by Teachers with Apps and a Top 2011 App pick by the School Library Journal iPhone

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