The Jellybean Tunes App Report: Volume 10

The App Report turns 10 this week with another full selection of family-friendly apps from the developers within the Moms With Apps network.

This week, young readers can look forward to a quirky collection of titles about a dragon with the hiccups, a truly Bizzy Bear, or an Elfishki baker.  We have a watercolor rendition of the classic Cinderella, and for the 7-12 year old set, Plazapatatta.

Early learners can practice their skills in Education.  Preschoolers, or special needs kids, can learn about emotion with iTouchiLearn.  For kids that need a visual representation of their day, see Visual Schedule Planner.  Kids learning to read can try Phonics Silly Sentences, or Read on Sight.  Princesses can Learn Spanish, and everyone else can create comics with Big Nate.

Fingerprint arrives with four Big Kid Life apps for early learning skills (see them in the games category).  Little ones can also create monsters, or play with Anna.  Learn about feelings with FirstWords, or learn to tell time with Tillie’s Time Shop.

Looking for more wallpaper?  Abstractacolor brings over 30 watercolor images.

BinaryLabs, the makers of Dexteria, have released LetterReflex for overcoming common letter reversals.

As always, there is more news at the end, including updates to Montessori Crosswords, Injini and Intellipad.

Click on the links to find out more about each app.  If you find an app you like, remember to write a review on iTunes.

The Jellybean Tunes App Report will return with your regular dose of app news in the new year.  Have a safe and happy holiday everyone.  Warmest wishes.

– Garry Froehlich | Jellybean Tunes


Dragon's Hiccups Dragon’s Hiccups by ClearVision Sp. z o.o.: Once upon a time, far, far, away; there lived Jimmy, a three-headed, fierce-looking dragon. Jimmy had a serious problem; he had the hiccups…. Discover the funny and colorful storybook for younger kids, meet Jimmy’s friends along the way and find out how Jimmy got the hiccups to go away. iPad
Bizzy Bear on the Farm Bizzy Bear on the Farm by Nosy Crow: Meet Bizzy Bear, a very busy little bear! Based on the popular Bizzy Bear board book series, this app offers an original story and lets toddlers help Bizzy with his chores as they explore everything there is to see and do on the farm. iPhone and iPad
Cinderella or The Little Glass Slipper - animated watercolor book by BST for iPhone Cinderella or The Little Glass Slipper by Big Small Things: Featuring expressive, museum quality watercolor paintings, interactive animation, professional narration, record your own narration, three built-in games, and four different languages for text and narration, the ebook was designed to be the most beautiful of all the Cinderella stories. iPhone iPad
Elfishki and the Giant Cake Elfishki and the Giant Cake by Elfizz was an owner of a gloomy restaurant named Chest of Ghosts where the staff was eager to please ghosts. On the opposite side of the square was a bakery, Gingerbread Nook, run by a pretty plump Elfishki lady called Maggie. The two were at odds with each other until one day they had to work side by side… iPad
PlazaPatatta - A Secret Hatch PlazaPatatta – A Secret Hatch by Uitgeverij Nanda: The Secret Hatch, a book by renown author Nanda Roep, is filled with audio fragments, animations, lively illustrations and motion-animation effects that keep the focus on the story as it unfolds. A fully interactive reading book for children from the ages of 7-12. iPad


iTouchiLearn Feelings for Preschool Kids iTouchiLearn Feelings for Preschool Kids by Staytooned: Immerse your child into the world of feelings and emotions. iTouchiLearn Feelings gives preschool, kindergarten and special needs kids the social cues needed to identify every day emotions. By interacting with words and associated actions, children step through the unfolding of events that lead to an emotion. iPhone and iPad
Big Nate: Comix By U! HD Big Nate: Comix By U! by Night & Day Studios, Inc.: Create your own comix with art from BIG NATE! Big Nate, aka 6th grader Nate Wright, is a self-described genius, hilarious “king of detention” and cartoonist extraordinaire. Now just like Nate, YOU can create your own comix, using Lincoln Peirce’s art from the bestselling Big Nate book series. iPhone iPad
Phonics Silly Sentences 2 - Flash Cards, Matching, and Silly Sentences Long Vowels Phonics Silly Sentences 2 by Emmy Chen: This app provides fun activities that introduce vowel sounds and their letter combinations. The activities will help kids identify long vowels. Through the flash cards, matching, sound and sign, and silly sentences, the kids will receive lots of practice distinguishing between the different vowel sounds. iPad
Visual Schedule Planner Visual Schedule Planner by Good Karma Applications, Inc: Visual Schedule Planner is a completely customizable visual schedule iPad app that is designed to give an individual an audio/visual representation of the “events in their day”. In addition, events that require more support can be linked to an “activity schedule” or “video clip” to help model the task even further. iPad
Christmas DuckyTube - Safe YouTube for Kids Christmas DuckyTube – Safe YouTube for Kids by Bockris Systems: This Christmas gift app from DuckyTube shows two of our favorite family Christmas themed YouTube clips on a snowy seasonal backdrop. You can easily add two of your child’s favorite videos from YouTube and you can replace your selected videos as often as you like so your child will never get bored. iPhone
ABCKit ABCKit by Arquinauta Consulting, S.L.: ABCKit is an app to teach kids the letters and words based on the Montessori methodology. With ABCKit your kid will learn to identify and understand letters through an animal or object, recognize, write and pronounce phonograms, and write and trace letters from a-z. iPhone and iPad
Pre-School Classroom Pre-School Classroom by The Pre School Apps Academy: Game consists of short fun rounds in animated classroom setting. Based on early years learning objectives of reading (letters & phonic sounds), writing (line marking) & numbers. Designed with teachers & early childhood development experts. Comes with 30 page activity pack. UK Voice Over iPhone and iPad
Akzara Akzara by Hidden Apps: Accompanying your toddlers while they use iPad apps to learn the alphabet is the best gift you can give them. But for days when you’re not around, Akzara is there to help you. Not only would your toddlers be guided with a clear voice-over while playing and interacting with our animal animations, you’ll be able to read insightful reports on our award-winning Parents Zone feature. iPad
BabyFirst Encyclopedia BabyFirst Encyclopedia by BabyFirst Games: This app is inspired by the Montessori Early Development Methodology. The child chooses and absorbs the material provided in the form of a game by following a natural, inherent learning process. 6 learning categories. 100+ colorful images with voiceovers. iPhone
Read on Sight Read on Sight by tApps: Read on Sight is a great way for early readers to practice sight words, an important building block for independent reading. First a sentence is read aloud, then the word tiles scatter, and the player rebuilds the sentence. iPad
Princesses Learn Spanish Princesses Learn Spanish by Princesses Learn Spanish features a story-based approach, with games and songs, to expose children to Spanish. Discover new Spanish words, integrated in timeless tales. Tales are in English, with a new Spanish word or expression on each page. Includes memory, bingo, sticker, coloring and singing games.iPhone and iPad


Feed The Monster game Feed The Monster game by Huminah Huminah Animation: It’s lunchtime at Hungry Monster High and the Monsters are out of control. Create your own Monster and help him stuff his face until he explodes into 5 tiny monsters! Now you have to catch all of the tiny monsters and stuff them into the merging machine, which will let you create a whole new monster. iPhone
BabyTapBook BabyTapBook by Green Gate Ltd.: Let your youngsters learn new words and explore the world one tap at a time! Utilizing a “baby safe” Play mode that makes accidentally exiting the app nearly impossible, youngsters are presented with a grid of interactive tiles. Each tile includes a unique image which when touch will expand to full screen, featuring corresponding audio effects with an added tap as well.iPhone
Big Kid Life Fire Fighter Big Kid Life Fire Fighter by Fingerprint: Rampaging Fire Monsters are on the loose in Big City -chasing kitties, scaring puppies and setting things on fire! Don’t worry, you are a firefighter – you can do something about it! Use your special backpack hose to drench Fire Monsters, use ladders to climb past obstacles, and save kitties and puppies – all while practicing your skills with numbers, shapes and symbols. iPhone
Big Kid Life Vet Big Kid Life Vet by Fingerprint: Find out what’s ailing your pet! X-Ray your animal and see what’s inside. An exciting seek touch-and-seek game awaits. Logical fun with letters, numbers, colors and shapes. iPhone
Big Kid Life Fairy Princess Big Kid Life Fairy Princess by Fingerprint: Every game tells a story, were everyday activities become fantastic adventures stories. Play through 15 magical adventures creating your very own Fairy Princess story while building comprehension skills. iPhone
Fingerprint Play Maker Fingerprint Play Maker by Fingerprint: Make your own play! Create and customize your character by picking clothing, win and lose animations and your own sound effects to make a learning app as unique your fingerprint. Incorporates number identification, shape and color identification, addition and subtraction, and world building. iPhone
Playtime Anna Playtime Anna by Sprite Labs: Anna is a cute little talking girl who sings, dances, laughs, makes funny faces, gets tickled, dresses up, enjoys cupcakes (but not too many!) and much more. Also included is a beautiful Christmas pack, perfect for this holiday season. It’s loaded with extras like snow falling to Jingle Bells, Anna singing Rudolph the Reindeer, and even a cute Christmas outfit, with reindeer’s antlers and nose. iPhone and iPad
FirstWords: Feelings FirstWords: Feelings by Learning Touch: Let your child express themselves as they learn important pre-reading skills with FirstWords: Feelings. The latest addition to the best-selling FirstWords series from Learning Touch includes 38 words to help your child identify and understand common emotions and feelings by matching letters of the alphabet and spelling words. iPhone and iPad
Tillie's Time Shop Tillie’s Time Shop by My Turn Mobile: What time is it? Time to help Tillie and her friend Sam run her clock shop in Tick Tock Town! Exploring and working in Tillie’s Time Shop will entertain kids while introducing the basics of telling time and how to read a clock. Is it time for school? Is it midnight or noon? In no time your kids will be answering those questions all on their own. iPhone iPad


Abstractacolor - Abstract Watercolor Wallpapers Abstractacolor – Abstract Watercolor Wallpapers by Jill Pestka: Take pleasure in the beauty of your retina display with the vibrant, textural esemplastic hues of true watercolor! Featuring 30+ hand painted abstract wallpaper images for you to enjoy on your iPad, iPhone or iPod in HD. iPhone and iPad


LetterReflex - Overcoming Letter Reversals LetterReflex – Overcoming Letter Reversals by BinaryLabs: Does your child get his b’s and d’s mixed up? How about her p’s and q’s? LetterReflex provides a fun way to help overcome common letter reversals. The first activity, Tilt It, uses kinesthetic learning to teach left from right. The second activity, Flip It, allows them to practice what they learned while honing their letter discrimination skills. iPhone and iPad

App News

2BME Firefighter by 2BME Studios: now available in a Lite version. iPhone and iPad
Operation Math by Spinlight Studio: New and Noteworthy in Education. iPad
Alien Buddies by Artgig: The aliens are available in their own Cafe Press store
Baby Learns Colors by Bebebe Co.: now available in a Lite version. iPad
Montessori Crosswords by L’Escapadou: now includes a Christmas words section. iPhone and iPad
Super Speller by Quiet Spark: has added a celebratory balloons and a sample test. iPad
Baby Eggs by Moo Moo Lab LLC: is now sporting a holiday theme. iPhone Lite Version
iLuv Drawing Santa by MyVijan LLC: has added 8 more drawings. iPhone iPad
Injini: Child Development Game Suite by NCSoft: has added a new game. Injini Letters is a fun way to acquaint your child with the alphabet and phonemes without the pressure of mastering them. iPad
Intellipad by Cheryl Bregman: now includes Spanish, French and German Text-to-Speech Acapella voices, word prediction and spell check. iPad

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  1. Thank you for including our new Feed the Monster game app … we are getting reports that it is fast becoming a favorite with the 3 to 7 age group.
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