App Friday: Talk Time

Welcome to App Friday, our weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps. This week the American Academy of Pediatrics updated their policy on media for children under two years old. For me, it was refreshing to read their emphasis on the importance of parent-child conversation, or, “talk time”. Regardless of whether they covered apps in the report (which they did not), the message about the thoughtful use of technology is so important as screens become more available to family members of all ages. Specifically, they mention how important it is to talk to our kids. This App Friday, let’s think about how apps can provide more topics of conversation. How many sushi did you squish? How many strikes in baseball does it take to strike out? What animal sound is your favorite? Whatever we do – keep talking!

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Participating Apps: TapTeach Baseball, Evil Sushi Squish, Jellybean Tunes, SoundBook, Scratch-a-Sketch, Halloween Coloring Book

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TapTeach Baseball, FREE this #appfriday

TapTeach Baseball is a collection of four informative and interactive activities designed to teach your elementary aged child the rules of baseball in a fun and interactive manner.

Evil Sushi Squish, FREE this #appfriday (also available on Android)

Evil Sushi Squish is a race-against-the-clock tap game with colorful characters like the little Geisha and her army of evil sushi.

Jellybean Tunes for iPad, $.99 this #appfriday

Jellybean Tunes for iPad: Play songs, record your performances with the on screen notes or with real instruments, learn beginning music theory, and compose your own songs.

 Soundbook, $.99 this #appfriday

SoundBook is an audio & picture flash card iPhone/iPad app for toddlers.

Scratch A Sketch, $.99 this #appfriday

Scratch A Sketch allows even the youngest of children to easily wipe the screen and reveal a bright and beautiful picture.

 Halloween Coloring Book, $.99 this #appfriday

Halloween Coloring Page Book is a holiday coloring activity where your child can use a variety of bright colors and show off their creativity.

Message Board

  • Tune into the iMum’s Halloween Week for lots of ghostly giveaways, Oct. 24-31st!
  • Join Siva from Technology in Education for the Appy Halloween Party on Oct. 24th – prizes await!
  • Vikido, the video sharing app, experienced a glitch with their Facebook integration last week. If you downloaded last #appfriday and experienced problems, they invite you to try again this week. Price is always free.
  • The Mobile Evolution blog, by Justine Pratt of Creative Algorithms, is an excellent resource for app developers who seek to understand strategies for marketing their app. Recommended reading for those in the app industry.
  • Did you know Lil Sub for iPad, an app to explore sea creatures from an underwater submarine, is also free this #appfriday?
  • We are loving the Jellybean Tunes App Report – and hope you are too!

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