App Friday: June 3rd Extravaganza!

Welcome to App Friday, our weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps. June is going to be a HUGE month (because I decided to go fishing in July) so DIVE RIGHT IN! The developers each provide a paragraph to tell about their apps, and the links to the apps are toward the bottom of the post. Some apps are free, some have discounted their in-app purchases, and some are on extended promotional pricing. All details are down below.

Pet Shop Boy by Jollybooks – Pet Shop Boy HD for iPad is a tale of a boy who is eagerly searching for a new companion with hopes of finding just the right one, not knowing each little critter comes with it’s own comical problems and responsibilities. He visits his local pet shop many times, meeting all kinds of animals – even taking them home – yet each pet doesn’t seem to live up to his expectations. This book features interactive animation and on-touch sounds. Children will have fun as they make cats meow, hermit crabs pinch and more. This pet tail is sure to make your little kiddy purr. Jollybooks is honored to speak creativity and laughter to young lives. The vibrant hand drawn illustrations and diverse character voices make Jollybooks unique from other books. Pet Shop Boy HD for iPad is free to download, with the In App Purchase discounted to $.99 for App Friday June 3rd.

Funny Animals – Inspired by one of Andreas’ favorite books as a child, in which you combined different animal parts to make new wacky combinations of animals, we have made this Animal Puzzle App. Choose background and try to find the right pieces or mix them as you wish. If you put the right two pieces together you’ll hear the corresponding animal sound. Do you know how what a Octopus-stork sounds like? We do. Tap the speaker icon and you’ll know too! Enjoy! -Johanna and Andreas

MeMeTales Children’s Book Reader – MeMeTales App is a children’s book reader with 20 FREE books of a wide variety. MeMeTales reader is focused heavily on making children read and turns reading into a game. Children earn points and stickers for reading and even unlock games (one game included). All books come with audio too! Parents are informed of a child’s reading progress through email notifications. For the first release, MeMeTales has partnered with 2 publishers (Speakaboos and Pratham) as well as one independent children’s book author/illustrator Stickfiggy. The MeMeTales Reader is always FREE but users who download and register in the first month will get 20 books free. Parents can buy books through the app in the future.  Once the app is downloaded, just register on the first screen and you will have 20 Books, 5 games and lots of stickers to earn and enjoy!

DoodleADoodle is the easiest way a child (or an adult!) can learn to draw like a real artist! With simple, step-by-step instructions, there is no way you can mess up with DoodleADoodle!  Kids love to draw but as they get older they just STOP drawing because theyjust cannot draw like THAT cool artist. DoodleADoodle takes away that fear of failure and lets the child explore drawing all over again.  Most of DoodleADoodle was built as a StartupWeekend project within a weekend. We hope people love it so we can add many more doodles in the near future.

The rAPPidRevise suite of quiz-based apps have been designed and written by educational experts to prepare students for public exams in the UK. They can also be used by students and non-students everywhere to improve subject knowledge. Each app contains hundreds of multiple-choice questions presented to the user at random. The questions are divided into topics and users can choose to study individual topics or test themselves on a whole subject. All scores and progress is tracked within the app and each question has an explanation so that users can learn from their mistakes, make notes on what they learn and see what topics they need to study further. Results can be shared via Facebook, Twitter or email. Users can also visit online scoreboards at the Apple Game Centre to see how their performance compares with the performance of others, and compete against each other to top the leader-board.

iBaby Buttons is an interactive app for the iPad and iPhone that is designed to be a simple and intuitive first app for very young children.     Baby can touch anywhere on the screen to create colorful buttons that are large enough for tiny hands to manipulate successfully.   Buttons can be moved around the screen or tapped again to reveal an image and corresponding sound effect.  Images include photographs that babies enjoy, such as familiar household objects, toys, people and animals.   Tapping on the photo again will cause the button to pop and disappear from the screen.   iBaby Buttons offers a fun, age-appropriate opportunity for very young children to explore the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

Once Upon a Potty omBooks – This week, Oceanhouse Media releases the popular toilet learning classics, Once Upon a Potty: Boy and Once Upon a Potty: Girl, as omBooks for iOS devices. Available at the introductory price of $2.99 each, the omBooks include two fun new music modes, The Potty Song and Sing-Along, allowing young children and their caregivers to sing a smart, catchy, jazzy tune themselves or follow the recorded vocalist. In keeping with the original content of the classic bestsellers, the new apps feature the boy (Joshua) and the girl (Prudence) graduating from diaper reliance to potty appreciation en route to the (inevitable) toilet. Each Once Upon a Potty story is narrated by a mother’s voice, describing body parts and functions, the “figuring out” of what a potty is and what it can be used for, all leading up to the patient, humorous conquering of the developmental challenge. Three reading modes include Read It Myself, Read To Me, and Auto Play.

What’s in it for me this App Friday, June 3rd?

Note: These prices are applicable on Friday June 3rd until 8pm US Pacific Time. After the promotion is over, apps revert back to regular pricing on the iTunes App Store, unless the developers choose to extend the promotion beyond Friday.

 App Friday Link Exchange Our goal at Moms With Apps is to spread the word about family-friendly apps. We also like to know about great deals. Do YOU have some app news to share? If so, please participate in our link exchange and post it down below. Include the app name (& details) in the Link Title, your email, and a URL to the app. Thanks for your participation.

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