App Friday: Let’s Go Chipper & Melody Kitty

Welcome to App Friday, our weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps. This week we take a walk outdoors with furry friends like Chipper the squirrel, and Melody the cat! Chipper is a portal to an entire series of eco-educational material for kids. Melody is a daydreamer who journeys with us through an interactive storybook. Both apps are free to download this App Friday March 11th – enjoy!

Let’s Go Chipper

What is your app about, and why is it special? Let’s Go Chipper is an eco-educational app series that excites and prepares kids for camping, hiking, and outdoor fun while inspiring meaningful conversation about nature and the environment. Chipper is a curious suburban squirrel ready to explore the parks in the award-winning animated and live action adventure “Into the Great Outdoors”, the premiere movie featured in the app. Music, mishap, and humor guide the storyline which introduces Chipper to new friends in the park and the importance of respecting nature.

The Let’s Go Chipper app provides a portal of content, and Chipper continues the educational fun with animated books such as Break it Down with Bruce – a silly and slimy adventure about one of nature’s greatest composters – the Banana slug! Go undersea to learn about the life of a salmon in Out to Sea with Sally, and see Chipper take the bus visiting a famous urban park in Let’s Stroll Crissy Field. The Let’s Go Chipper app includes coloring activities, music videos, and ring-tones. The series continues with in-app animated books available for download.

 Created and produced by IAGmedia, Inc. the Let’s Go Chipper series also features physical books, DVDs, CDs, school- and community-based programs that help grow little ambassadors of nature into future stewards of the environment. If interested in learning more or becoming a Chipper Ambassador of the great outdoors in your community, please visit or email

Melody Kitty

What is your app about, and why is it special? Melody Kitty is an interactive storybook app for the iPad.  It is based on the children’s book, Miss Melody Kitty’s Daydream Adventures, written by author and songwriter, Diane Eason. The story is about Miss Melody Kitty, a special cat who loves to daydream, and who is always wishing to be something different than who she really is.  This story has a good moral lesson for children, and provides parents with the opportunity to talk about how nice it is to be willing to help others instead of just always thinking about ourselves.  Melody Kitty also includes a fun song with a very upbeat tune, that is easy for children to memorize and sing.  It is filled with many interesting and cute sound effects, including the sounds of animals, birds and trains, insects, boats and airplanes.  A great addition to your child’s app library.

What’s in it for me this App Friday, March 11th?

*Download before 8pm U.S. Pacific Standard Time on Friday March 11th, before the apps revert back to standard pricing on the iTunes App Store.

More App News

"Hugs Japan" image created by Ben Lew of Pi'ikea Street, developer of Interactive Alphabet for iPad

In The News For families who need to closely follow the earthquake and tsunami news that broke this morning in Japan, we are trying to collect news apps and resources that are recommended by our developers. I will list them here throughout the day, and if you have ideas please leave comments. Recommendations include: CNN for iPad, Mobile Safari | Gakuranman, Google Person Finder, curated real-time news from Twitter.

Learning Important Phone NumbersDoes your child know important phone numbers to use in case of an emergency? Fun n Learn Toddler Phone is an application for kids to help memorize important phone numbers that can come in handy during urgent situations. (“We were trying to help our daughter learn these numbers by heart but found it very hard to do so in an interesting manner.” – Avi & Girish, parent app developers.) The application allows the parent to create a lock enabled directory so kids can’t tinker with it, and when the child enters a phone number which matches the number in the directory, the app flashes an encouraging message to indicate the correct phone number has been entered. Fun n Learn Toddler Phone will be specially priced starting Friday March 11th at $.99 (from $1.99).

Climate Change Book App by PicPocket Books  Earth Grows Warmer (iPad version) is Free today(normally $1.99). The app is a story about climate change. With a bit of magic and imagination, the story takes readers to the North and South poles and the tropical regions, and offers some practical example of things kids can do to help the earth.

iPads & Literacy The blog post by Carisa of Digital Storytime made an impression on me this week because of her insightful commentary on how parents view, use, and evolve their philosophies on digital content for kids. You can read it here ==> How will iPad picture books affect young reader’s literacy?

App Friday Link Exchange Our goal at Moms With Apps is to spread the word about family-friendly apps. We also like to know about great deals. Do YOU have some app news to share? If so, please participate in our link exchange and post it down below. Include the app name (& details) in the Link Title, your email, and a URL to the app. Thanks for your participation.

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  2. Love the out to sea with sally app from Lets Go Chipper. I’ve worked in Enviro. Ed for 10 years and my preschooler started telling me all about spawning and fish ladders while taking his bath tonite which was pretty amazing. Very cool to see him learn about impt. stuff in a fun way. Thanks for sharing this!

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